Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1770 - Captain James Cook of the HMS Endeavour passed close by the coastline off Mackay. He named Cape Palmerston, Slade Point, Cape Hillsborough before heading north to the Whitsunday Islands.

1802 - Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy was shot dead by Henry Hacking. George Suttor described the subsequent events: 'his head was cut off, which was, I believe, sent to England'.

1829  - Today is Foundation Day for Western Australia.

1829 - Timothy Murphy was hanged at Sydney for the axe-murder of fellow-convict John Monaghan at Mt York whilst they were working on the road to Bathurst.

1829 - Town names and Postal localities in Illawarra were proclaimed - Five Islands, Kiama, Gerringong, Shoalhaven, Coolangatta and Ulladulla.

1832 - Ross Post Office (Tassie) was opened.

1832 - Richmond (Tassie) Post Office was opened.

1836 - The good folk of Victoria - before it was named as such - got together, had a knees up, passed the Dutchy from the lefthand side and threw together a defacto Government.
One of the other decisions reached at this meeting was: ‘that all subscribing parties pledge themselves to afford protection for the Aborigines to the utmost of their power and further that they will not teach them the use of firearms or allow their servants to do, nor on any occasion allow the Aborigines to be in possession of any firearms’.

1837 - The following year, for those of you not paying attention, they started flogging off the first allotments of land in Bearbrass aka Batmania aka Melbourne. William Lonsdale appointed Robert Hoddle auctioneer at the first sale of crown land, at which he sold half-acre (0.2 ha) allotments averaging just over £35 an acre. His commission was £57 12s. 7d., and he bought two allotments for himself costing £54.
Oh how I wish for a TARDIS...

1837 - Hungering for the pocket contents of all, the Bank of W.A opened in Perth.

1839 - A report reached the Protector of Aborigines (sic) about the massacre that has since become known as the Campaspe Plains Massacre.

1850 - Transportation of the chaps with the broad arrows painted on their fine clothing to Westralia began with the arrival of the ship Scindon carrying 75 convicts and 54 prison guards.

1852 - Massive flooding on the Murrumbidgee River swept away most of the town of Gundagai, leaving just three houses standing. Eighty-nine people were killed, more than third of the population. The town was later rebuilt on higher ground.

1857 - James Woodlock was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for murder of Charles Vick in Castlemaine.

1865 - John Spiller planted first lot of Sugar Cane in Mackay.

1868 - Thomas John Griffin, Police officer and gold commissioner hanged at Rockhampton Gaol for the murder of troopers John Power and Patrick Cahill on the banks of the Mackenzie River while they were on duty escorting a large sum of money from Rockhampton to Clermont.

1874 - Originally known as Cook's Town it was officially renamed Cooktown.

1880 - The Advertiser reported that the new summer residence for the SA Governor at Norton Summit was completed. Marble Hill, so named because some marble had been found on a hill near the site, was the inspiration of Sir William Jervois who became Governor in October 1877.

1880 - The Main Western Railway Line  (NSW) opened from Orange to Wellington.

1881 - Henry Wilkinson was hanged at Albury Gaol for the murder of Mary Pumpa at Lyster's Gap, near Jindera.

1883 - Northern Australian (Newspaper) began publishing.

1886 - The Tumut Railway Branch Line (NSW) opened from Jct (Tumut Branch) to Gundagai.

1887 - The rail line from Rocky Lead to Daylesford Junction (Vic) was flung open.

1887 - The railway line from Lubeck to Rupanyup (Vic) was opened.

1889 - Perth was linked to Albany by the iron road that chugged, ever so sweetly, each and every day....almost brings a cinder to your eye...

1894 - The Coal Creek Railway line (Vic) was opened from Strezlecki Junction to Strezlecki.

1896 - The Isis Railway Branch Line (QLD) was extended from Childers to Cordalba.

1897 - The Lancefield - Kilmore Railway Line (Vic) was closed. Commissioners agreed to run an as required train between Lancefield and Goldie for a minimum load of 40 tons. One train ran in Sept 1897.

1901 - Round 6 of the footy saw the following results on this day;
Collingwood 7.13 (55) def            Fitzroy 6.9 (45)            Victoria Park
St Kilda 2.5 (17)                 def. by Geelong 11.12 (78)     Junction Oval
South Melbourne 5.5 (35) def. by Essendon 3.23 (41)     Lake Oval
Melbourne 7.7 (49)          def.         Carlton 5.4 (34)             MCG

1930 - The very first Aussie movie with sound segments in it, The Cheaters, premiered in Parramatta.

1936 - Arnold Sodeman "The Schoolgirl Strangler" – Confessed to the murder of four girls. Hanged at Pentridge.

1941 - Almost all the survivors of the 2nd/7th were taken prisoner on Crete.

1947 - ABC’s independent news service began.

1948 – The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme was introduced by the Australian Government to provide subsidised prescription medication.

1963 - Advisor, Sergeant William Hacking becomes the first Australian to die in Vietnam when his weapon accidentally discharged after being caught in vegetation.

1963 - All Australian airliners were required to be fitted with weather radar.

1973 - The RAAF received the first six F-111C supersonic fighter-bomber aircraft.

1980 - Community groups met and formed Gays Against Violence (GAV) in response to the release of the movie Cruising.

1985 - The Chair of ACON, Lex Watson, criticised the federal Minister of Health, Neal Blewett’s warning of tough measures to control AIDS if educational efforts fail.

1985 - Bieundurry Jimmy, charismatic Aboriginal leader, died of ischaemic heart disease, ninety kilometres south-west of Billiluna station. His funeral, one of the largest ever seen in the Kimberley region, was held at Wangkatjunka.

1987 - The AIDS unit at Westmead Hospital was launched by the NSW Health Minister, Peter Anderson.

1989 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Buxton to Colo Vale.

1990 - Paul O’Grady MLC, was the first person to publically acknowledge he was gay while he was a member of parliament in an interview with the Sydney Star Observer.

1990 - In the Senate, Senator Powell (Australian Democrats, Victoria), presented a petition signed by 168 people against the Very Fast Train (VFT).

1991 - At the Premiers Conference, South Australia's Bannon Government was reported to have pressured the Federal Government to agree to tax changes that would assist major infrastructure projects.

1994 - The Deck Chair Cinema opened in Darwin with the film The Castanet Club.

1999 - The Property (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Bill was passed in the NSW. The legislation covers inheritance, stamp duty, property division, guardianship if a same sex partner is incapacitated, bail applications, compensation if a partner is hurt or killed in an accident, notification of partners of patients with mental illness and provision for partners when a person is unable to manage his or her own affairs.

2004 - Lesbian couple, Vicki Harding and Jackie Braw and daughter Brenna’s appearance on Play School’s Through the Windows segment on ABC TV was criticised by federal Children and Youth Affairs minister Larry Anthony who accused the show of representing minorities and being too politically correct.

2005 – A letter containing a white powder resulted in the 2005 Indonesian embassy bioterrorism hoax.

2012 - Australian researchers reported that eating a block of dark chocolate daily over 10 years has "significant" benefits for high-risk cardiac patients and could prevent heart attacks and strokes.


  1. And no doubt those who cut off Pemulwuy's head considered themselves civilised. Like everyone else I suspect, some of our history is very, very ugly.

  2. Funny but I don't recall hearing any doctors acknowledge their prescribing a bar of dark chocolate to their patients suffering from cardiac disease.
    Lots of rail lines opening and closing for one reason or another

  3. Post Offices opening would have been a major event back then...

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