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June 11 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1770 - Jimmy Cook was having a sinking throw-out sale, scribing in his Dear Diary.
"Six of our guns ... our iron and stone ballast, casts, hoop staves, oil jars, decayed stores, and many other things that lay in the way of heavier materials ... are thrown overboard with the utmost expedition."

1795 - Collins revealed his private opinion about the inter-racial conflict to Surgeon Edward Laing:
‘The natives at the Hawkesbury are murdering the settlers – Abbott & MacKellar with Co [New South Wales Corps] soldiers are in turn, murdering the natives (but it cannot be avoided).’

1813 - William Davis was hanged for cutting and maiming William Mason with a knife during a drunken brawl at Ultimo.

1818 - George Gray was hanged at Hobart Town for murder.

1818 - William Trimm was hanged at Hobart Town for sheep-stealing.

1824 - Lachlan, of the former Governor variety, having said a leisurely farewell to the king, the Duke of York, Bathurst and others, preparatory to returning to Scotland, woke feeling ill, suffering a great deal of pain from his old bowel complaint and from strangury (a condition caused by blockage or irritation at the base of the bladder).
Ahh, an ill wind blows!

1828 - John Timmins was hanged at Sydney for robbery of Stephen Hunter at Cornwallis.

1828 - Thomas Ford was hanged at Sydney for robbery of Stephen Hunter at Cornwallis.

1832 - 'One of the Aboriginal women, fishing outside the South Head on Monday, had her leg bitten off by a shark,' the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

1845 - The good folk of Sydney said, "Bye Felicia!" to the not-so-good Gov Gipps.

1849 - A public meeting at Circular Quay protested against the arrival of convicts in the ship Hashemy.
The meeting was attended by few men of standing, but its vehemence was alarming.Gov  FitzRoy's quiet strengthening of the guard at Government House was blamed as a show of military force, and his cool reception of a deputation from the meeting was blamed as discourtesy.

1851 - Spreading our colonial lurve around the world San Francisco vigilantes lynched Aussie John Jenkins (aka John Simpton) on Portsmouth Square for stealing a safe. He was part of contingent of ex-con Australians known as the Sydney Ducks.

1854 - Today witnessed the consecration of the church to be known as Trinity Lutheran Church on - guess what? - the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

1855 - Those Batmaniacs aka Bearbrass-ians or garden variety peeps of Narrm (Melbournians) got a bit more culture than a yoghurt pot when the first Opera 'Norma' was performed in Melbourne at the Olympic Theatre.

1855 - Revelling in their wee yoghurt pot the Parliamentary Peeps assented to The Chinese Act , limiting the number of Chinese immigrants entering the Colony of Victoria.

1858 - While there's gossip to be had, under the guise of 'news', there'll always be papers and the Darling Downs were no different being blessed with the Darling Downs Gazette from today.

1865 - Ballaratians were celebrating (in a tea total, sedate, God-fearing way, of course) with the opening of St Peter's Church of England.

1866 - Michael Green was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Andrew Shearer at Rushcutter's Bay.

1868 - Pupped on this day in NZ was the acclaimed actor Bert Bailey who went on to become cemented in Aussie cinematic and stage history as Dad Rudd, a character from the pen of Steele Rudd.

1872 - John Conn was hanged at Bathurst Gaol for the murder of Aveline Littler near Wyndeyer.

1880 - Daniel King was hanged at Tamworth Gaol for the murder of Lizzie Hart (alias Rolk, alias Betts) at Tamworth.

1892 - Officially established on this day was the famed Limelight Department, the arm of the Salvation Army that gave the world the very first history doco on Australia.

1900 - William Broome, Indigenous. Hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of Mary Le Blowitz near Bundaberg.

1901 - Today saw New Zealand annex the Cook Islands into their boundaries.

1907 - Peter Sadeek was hanged at Broken Hill Gaol for the murder of Mary Cooney (or Jewson) at White Cliffs.

1911 - Appealing to the masses The Melba Theatre replaced the Victoria Music Hall, formerly the Royal Colosseum Theatre at 283 Bourke St, Melbourne , screening back-to-back shows from 11am to 11pm.

1911 - Aboriginal tracker Alexander Riley joined the New South Wales Police Force as a tracker and was based at Dubbo.

1917 - The Gwabegar Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Binnaway to Coonabarabran.

1932 – Food relief reached its peak in New South Wales with 413,171 food orders processed in the preceding four weeks.

1940 - The Australian government declared war on the Kingdom of Italy.

1944 - From today til until September the Spitfire-equipped No. 453 Squadron RAAF was often based at forward airfields in France;  453 Squadron, along with Australian light bomber and heavy bomber squadrons supported the liberation of France

1948 - The Ballina Railway Branch Line (NSW) was closed from Booyong Junction to Ballina.

1952 - The bean counters in Victoria made sure they were keeping up the penny pinching with their NSW cohorts by closing the Wangaratta to Bright passenger service.

1955 - Privilege of parliament 
Newspapermen Frank Browne and Raymond Fitzpatrick were (very naughty lads) charged in the House of Representatives with breaching parliamentary privilege. In the only such case in the 20th century, they served three months in gaol on the order of Cabinet.

1965 - Aussie Golden Girl athlete Betty Cuthbert was awarded an MBE.

1965 - In Melbourne students demonstrated against the all-white South African Springbok Rugby team's visit to Australia.

1970 - Still hanging our heads in embarrassment 48 years later Tony Richardson's film Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger, premiered in Hollywood.

1971 – Neville Bonner was sworn into the Australian Senate – he is the first Aboriginal federal parliamentarian.

1975 - Law rules 
The Racial Discrimination Act enacted, outlawing discrimination on the grounds of race.

1980 - Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain was born.

1986 - An increase in anti-gay violence was discussed at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s gay consultative meeting.

1988 - PM Bob Hawke was presented with the Barunga Statement at the annual Barunga Cultural and Sporting Festival.
Written on bark, the Statement called for Aboriginal self-management, a national system of land rights, compensation for loss of lands, respect for Aboriginal identity, an end to discrimination, and the granting of full civil, economic, social and cultural rights.
The PM responded by saying that he wished to conclude a treaty between Aboriginal and other Australians by 1990, but this was not to be.
Yothu Yindi wrote the worldwide hit song "Treaty" to commemorate the statement.

1991 - The The Royal National Park Railway Branch Line (NSW) was closed from Loftus Junction to The Royal National Park.

1997 - The NSW Premier, Bob Carr met with peak lesbian and gay organisations to discuss law reform and the government’s relationship in the GLBT community.

2005 - Australian farmers danced in the rain as downpours delivered the first soaking falls in over four years to large parts of drought-ridden eastern Australia.

2009 - An Aboriginal elder (46), arrested for drunk driving, died after being "cooked" in the back of a scorching hot prison van. The next day a coroner found that Mr. Ward's death breached Australia's obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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  1. Today Dawn Fraser is honoured.
    And we could do with some rain to break yet another drought.
    Sadly we don't seem to pay a great deal of attention to our breaches of human rihts responsibilities. Other people's are a different matter (if politically convenien)t.