Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 16 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1806 - Some convicts decided on a change of scenery so they lifted the brig 'Venus' from Port Dalrymple (in Tassie) and sailed off into the sunset and over the ditch to NZ.

1801 - Lieut William Paterson founded a settlement on the Hunter River. Alas! He forgot the first rule in real estate - location, location, location, and thus it was kicked to the kerb (abandoned to you fancy-pants readers) in 1802.

1806 - Sydney's very first girl's school was opened by Mrs Williams while many parents breathed a sigh of relief and stopped eyeing off the latest line of chastity belts.
An early St Trinian's....?

1807 - The first Russian ship in Australian waters, the trading sloop Neva, 370 tons, popped into Sydney to share a bottle of voddy with the colonials. While anchored in Neutral Bay, Lieutenant Leonid Hagemeister collected Aboriginal weapons, which were sent to St. Petersburg

1828 - John Curtis was hanged at Sydney for the theft of a cow from the herd of William Wentworth, at Bringelly.

1828 - James (or Joseph) Johnson (also called Philip Macauley, Phillip Gawley) was hanged at Sydney for highway robbery and assault of George Tills outside Liverpool.

1857 - Beginning the looong tradition of pollies wasting time & money by "looking into it" Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Sir Charles Gavan Duffy, headed a select committee established to inquire into federation of the Australia's colonies.

1869 – Explorer Charles Sturt dropped off the perch.

1879 - Proving that scratching about in the dirt isn't just a fun hobby prospectors John Atherton and James Robson tripped over tin deposits on the tablelands inland from Cairns, Queensland.

1884 - The Bendigo Railway Line (Vic) was opened from the glorious Castlemaine Station (Maldon Junction) to equally delicious Maldon Station.

1885 - Not to be outdone by Benders transport improvements, Ballarat saw the launch of the Golden City steamer on Lake Wendouree.

1887 - Queen's College at Uni of Melbourne (named for the Jubilee of Queen Vicky's reign), was founded by the Reverend William Quick (Founder’s Day) on the piece of land granted by the Victorian Government to the Methodist Church.

1888 - Melbourne Footy Club were trying to spread the love of the game in Banana Bender country where they played a match against QLD at the Exhibition Ground.
Melbourne 6.16 defeated Queensland 3.5 (Attendance: 5,000)

1903 - The Lake Condah Mission Aboriginals formed an ‘unbeatable’ football team in 1902, the Darlot Creek Wanderers which the Hamilton Spectator reported on this day having won by 52 points against Condah.

1906 – The town of Roma, Queensland became the first town in Australia to be lit and powered by natural gas, however the gas reserve only lasts ten days.

1917 - Christian William Benzing was hanged at Long Bay Gaol for the rape and murder of eleven-year-old Dorothy Myra Small at Rockdale.

1919 - The Balmoral Railway Line (Vic) finally reached Balmoral when the line was extended from Kanagulk to Balmoral.

1920 - The people of Kulwin were dancing in the street (maybe) when the railway line was extended 14kms from Mittyack to Kulwin (Vic).

1931 - The soldier settlement of Morkalla (Vic) finally had a railway when the line was extended 15.5 kms from Meringur to Morkalla.

1936 – Charles Perkins, Aboriginal activist was born.

1948 -  Malayan Emergency declared The Australian involvement in Malayan Emergency lasted from 1950 to 1960, making it the longest continuing military commitment in our history. Fifty-one Australian servicemen died in Malaya (although only 15 of these deaths occurred as a result of operations) and 27 were wounded, the majority of whom were in the army.

1950 - Yippee! Bust out the toaster, Mildred, butter rationing finally ended.

1958 - The biggest home and away crowd of 99,256 footy tragics were packed into the MCG to watch the top two teams Demons and Magpies clash.

1964 - The Beatles got the girls and guys screaming and fainting at their two shows at Festival Hall, Melbourne.

1964 - Architect Joern Utzon announced that the Sydney Opera House would cost £17.4 million -- five times the original estimate.

1973 - ABC-TV's The Comedy Game featured Flash Nick From Jindivik (Part 1), a bushranger spoof by Grahame Bond. The character reappeared in a four-show miniseries in 1974.

1974 - First Darwin Beer Can Regatta was held, enjoyed, laughed at and partied.

1975 - Multicultural radio began broadcasting in Australia from 2EA in Sydney.

1976 - Treaty of Friendship
The Australia-Japan Treaty of Friendship was signed, confirming the important trade relations between the two nations. By 1970 Japan had become Australia’s main overseas customer, with some 19.4 per cent of export trade while Britain’s share fell to 13.4 per cent.

1983 - The health subcommittee of the Alternative Life Styles Organisation (ALSO) in Melbourne held a public meeting to hear doctors answer questions about AIDS. Over 300 attended.

1988 - *Sigh* Those glorious blue Harris trains that clattered about the Vic railways (in conjunction with their Red Rattler cohorts) were completely withdrawn from service.

1993 - The Victorian Government and Telecom Australia launched a new $25 million emergency service communications network to link all State public sector agencies on one network, the first in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

1996 - The Big Issue, a monthly magazine, was launched in Melbourne for sale by homeless people in the street. So next time you see one, buy it - it could be the difference between someone eating or going hungry that night.

1999 - Sydney 2002 Gay Games, announced the appointment of Robyn Archer as the artistic director of the Games Cultural Festival.

1999 - The NSW Upper House Standing Committee on Social Issues called for submissions to its inquiry into De Facto Relationships Legislation.

2005 - Australian scientists said they have found a way to make blood cells in volume out of human master cells, which could eventually lead to production of safe blood cells for transfusions and organ transplants.

2006 - East Timor rebel soldiers surrendered the first of their weapons to Australian peacekeepers, beginning a process deemed vital to ending months of bloody unrest.

2011 -  The Parliament of Australia established the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Immigration Detention Network to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into Australia’s immigration detention system.

2016 - The Wurundjeri Land Council publically called for a review of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage legislation....which has still yet to happen.


  1. "...chastity belts."


    Was it such a big problem back then they needed belts?

  2. Love The Big Issue and often buy it. Am on first name terms with several vendors too.

  3. Makes me wonder how many convicts made it from Tasmania or Sydney to NZ back then, some would and some wouldn't.