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June 17 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - The name "Sydney" was used for the first time in some new settlement in some strange, far off land where the dregs of society were, not 10 Downing St, although that sounded just as promising as Canberra....
The original name/s for Sydney are Djubuguli (Bennelong Point) and Cadi (all of Sydney Cove).

1804 - Some 300 Aboriginal people threw spears at armed Hawkesbury River settlers, who opened fire and returned to Richmond Hill with stolen goods they have retrieved. A military detachment at Windsor shot two Aboriginal people.

1826 - One bloke who does a bit of haunting is Frederick Fisher - he was done a nasty mischief on this day and his ghost has been seen, celebrated and interviewed at length ever since.

1836 - Michael Maloney was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Richard Hamlyn at Goulburn.

1836 - James Hare was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Richard Hamlyn at Goulburn.

1843 - Continuing the grisly theme and today saw The Wairau Massacre take place, the first deadly fight between the Maori and Europeans since the since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

1843 - Gov George Gipps ordered the removal from office of Justice John Walpole Willis, resident Judge in the Port Phillip District, after powerful interests in Melbourne petitioned for his recall.

1867 - One of our greatest writers, Henry Lawson, was birthed on the gold fields.

1890 - The Mansfield Railway Line (Vic) was extended a whopping 4.5 kms from Molesworth to Cathkin.

1891 – The Labor party first entered the New South Wales Legislative Assembly with 35 members elected.

1893 – Prospector Paddy Hannan filed a Reward Claim, announcing the discovery of gold at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

1906 - The highly celebrated (go on, admit you raise a glass to it every day!) Prahran to Malvern steam bus service, reputedly the first Victorian use of self propelled vehicles for public passenger traffic, was abandoned.

1911 - Suffrage in Britain
A week before the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, Margaret Fisher led Australian and New Zealand women in a London demonstration. Some 40,000 marched in support of a Bill granting women the right to vote. The British government did not enact the suffrage law until 1919.

1912 - William Frederick Ball was hanged at Armidale Gaol for the murder of Louisa Ball at Bingara.

1926 - The coastline of NSW was gently handwashed, rinsed and hung out to drip dry when the effects of a tsunami were felt courtesy of an earthquake in our unofficial 7th state, NZ.

1940 - The Captains Flat Railway Branch Line (NSW) was opened for train business from Bungendore Junction to Captains Flat.

1940 - Ten organisations, including the Communist Party of Australia, were declared illegal.

1946 - The Australian Labor Party severed its links with communist factions.
But still wear red ties...?

1947 - Sir Edward Holden, chairman of General Motors Holden and grandson of James Holden who had established his saddlery and leathergoods business, on the corner of King William and Rundle Streets, Adelaide, in 1856, was the last Holden to hold the senior position in the company when he drove off into the sunset today.

1960 - Woolworths bought out A E Jolly & Co on the corner of Smith Street and Knuckey Street, Darwin.

1965 - Dame Joan Sutherland launched herself back on Australia for a season of grand opera after 14 years overseas.

1973 - Chain rocked out at one of the last gigs held at Garrison Disco in Prahran, Melbourne. The popular venue was forced to close due to pressure from the local council. The farewell concerts were recorded and later released as Garrison: The Final Blow Vols I and II by Mushroom Records.

1980 - The Federal Executive of the ACOA union supported anti-discrimination protection for homosexual public servants.

1982 - S 317, on an up standard gauge goods runs into the back of the up Spirit of Progress at Barnawartha, killing both crewmembers on the goods train.

1998 - The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby organised a 3,000 strong rally outside NSW Parliament House in support of a Domestic Relationships Bill which would give legal recognition to same sex relationships.

2002 - Australian scientists said they had successfully "teleported" a laser beam encoded with data, breaking it up and reconstructing an exact replica a yard away.

2005 - Australia pledged to ease a controversial policy of locking up refugees.

2011 - A research report by Dr Graeme Hugo, one of Australia’s leading demographers, was released, highlighting the many economic, civic and social contributions made by refugees and humanitarian entrants to Australian society.

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