Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1801 - Governor King sent a party in HMS Lady Nelson, commanded by Lieutenant James Grant, to establish a convict settlement at the mouth of the Hunter River, 160 kilometres north of Sydney (now Newcastle). ‘With us likewise,’ Grant noted, ‘went one of the Natives, named Bangaree [Bungaree].’

1803 - Assistant Surgeon at Norfolk Island, William Redfern, was kicking up his heels in glee as he was granted a free pardon.

1810 - James Davis was hanged at Portland Head (Hawkesbury) for burglary from the house of John Cox.

1812 - The United States of America declared war on Britain, which dragged the Australian colonies also into conflict with America.

1820 -  Joseph Banks, English natural historian, dropped off the budgie perch.

1843 - Gettin' all high falutin' those Cockroaches were bewitched by their f irst Italian opera - The Barber of Seville - performed in Sydney.

1851 - Gold was discovered on the Turon River, NSW.

1874 - The first Hospital above Doctors Gully, Darwin was completed. Built largely by public subscription it was extended further in 1876.

1894 - The Yaapeet Railway Branch Line (Vic) was opened from Dimboola to Jeparit.

1908 - The dead were dancing at the extension of the Rookwood Cemetery Railway Line (NSW) when Them In Power opened No 3 Mortuary Station to No 4 Mortuary Station.

1921 - At 75,604, the Aboriginal population of Australia reached its lowest point ever, being reduced by 77 percent since colonisation began.

1933 - Imperial Airways began flitting between England and Australia.

1942 - Arrival of chemical weapons stocks on ship “Glenhartney”.

1946 – Hon. John Dedman introduced legislation to establish the Australian National University.

1956 - A gift that just keeps on giving Britain exploded another nuclear bomb over the Monto Bello Islands, WA, creating a radioactive cloud that drifted over the mainland.

1958 - Entrepreneurs Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin sought a trademark for a plastic cylinder based on a similar toy in Australia. Wham-O began selling the Hula Hoop following a demonstration of a rattan hoop imported from Australia. After one year teenagers in the US purchased some 100 million hoops at a suggested retail price of $1.98.
Ripped off!

1967 - Darwin Maru arrived on its maiden voyage to load the first shipment of iron ore from the new iron ore handling wharf at Fort Hill, Darwin.

1969 – Equal pay for women was granted by the Arbitration Commission.

1975 - Manning Clark and Dame Joan Sutherland were amomg the first fancy-pants recipients of the newly established Order of Australia announced in the Queen's Birthday honours

1983 - The first public meeting on AIDS, Action Against AIDS, was held at the Sydney Gay Centre. At least 23 organisations and businesses attended and adopted a pro-active strategy of research, media releases, government and community support.

1990 - Stars of the Australian Opera Concert raised $50 000 for the AIDS Trust.

2002 - Steve Fossett, an adventurous, Chicago-based aviator, launched the Bud Light Spirit of Freedom balloon from Northam, Australia.

2003 - A team of Australian researchers reported that bananas and taro were cultivated in the highlands of Papua New Guinea as long as 7,000 years ago.

2006 - 15 activists marched along Oxford Street in protest against the federal government’s cancellation of the ACT civil unions legislation.

 2013 - The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights released the report of its inquiry into changes introduced in response to the Expert Panel’s recommendations. The Committee, which included Members of Parliaments and Senators from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party and the Australian Greens, concluded that “the measures as currently implemented carry a significant risk of being incompatible with a range of human rights”.

2014 - Australia's highest court ruled that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to fund a program that provides chaplains to schools.

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  1. And there are STILL pushes to expand the chaplaincy project. And refusals to pay for counsellors.