Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1791- A rose by any other name would be Billie Piper,....err... Rose Hill now known as Parramatta since the deed poll change of its name on this day.

1816 - Old Lachlan Macquarie was right to get in a tizz over the weather back on May 31; today he got a missive in his hot little hand from James Mileham,  a magistrate in Windsor, who waxed lyrical how the Hawkesbury River and South Creek had busted their banks and Most Rudely washed away houses, crops and animals.

1822 - Christian Carl Ludwig Rümker worked at Sir Thomas Brisbane's private observatory at Parramatta where on this day he rediscovered Encke's comet. For this achievement Rümker was awarded a silver medal and £100 by the Royal Astronomical Society and a gold medal by the Institut de France. The grateful governor bestowed on Rümker a grant of 1000 acres (405 ha) at Stonequarry Creek (Picton).

1841  - Eyre's expedition across the Nullarbor was saved when he met Captain Rossiter, of the whaler 'Mississippi'.

1846 - The very first, brand spanking new issue of The Melbourne Argus hit the streets of Melbourne, edited by William Kerr.

1848 - First mails despatched to Ipswich by steamer.

1874  - Explorers John and Alexander Forrest tripped over Weld Springs, an oasis of clear, fresh water in central Western Australia.

1882 - The Australian Electric Light Company exhibited those new fandangled electric lights in Melbourne and then went on to outrageously illuminate Spencer St in November of the same year.

1883 - Sir Fred Broome jumped into the seat of Governor of Westralia.

1889 - The Warwick Farm Racecourse Railway Branch Line (NSW) opened from Warwick Farm Junction -to Warwick Farm Dead End.

1893 - The South Coast Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Bombo to Bomaderry.

1891 - The railway line from Loch to Korumburra (Vic) was opened.

1906 - Round 5 of the aerial ping pong game ;
Essendon 6.15 (51)       Fitzroy 6.10 (46)               East Melb. Cricket Ground
St Kilda 4.7 (31)      Collingwood 13.11 (89)       Junction Oval

1908 - The Goondah - Burrinjuck Railwa Line (NSW) was opened from Goondah (1st) to Terminus.

1909 – Alfred Deakin became Prime Minister of Australia for the third time.

1910 - Port Darwin  - earthquake shocks were experienced at 3.10 am and 3.48 am. The second
shock was the most severe, and was heralded by a deep low roaring resembling the sound of
a distant wind storm. This was followed by a distinct rolling wave-like motion lasting several
minutes, and apparently travelling from North-West to South-East.

1913 - Established in 1863, the Ainslie post office was one of the oldest in the district and was called Canberra long before the city was so named, but was officially renamed Ainslie, after the nearby mountain, from this day.

1915 - The BHP steelworks in Newcastle were officially opened. Not exciting for some of us but very much so for those living there.

1916 - The famous Goanna Oil trademark was registered for that wonderful bush cure-all...and, yes, is does work!

1920 - Ballarat was graced by a Royal visit from Prince Edward, Prince of Wales (Duke of Windsor).
Him wot ditched the throne, the crown and all he surveyed for a bird.

1924 - Adelaide and Sydney were finally getting messages from above with the commencement of a regular as prunes airmail service.

1924 - Sibyl Enid Vera Munro Morrison was admitted to the New South Wales Bar, where she was the first woman to practise.

1927 - Australian films
A Royal Commission into the film industry was appointed. It reported in April on the state of film-making in Australia. It also reported on the process of distributing films from the United States to the 1250 Australian cinemas.

1929 - A De Havilland Hercules bi-plane took off from Parafield Aerodrome bound for Perth. This was to be the inaugural airmail service between the two cities.

1945 - The Widemere Quarry Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Fairfield to Widemere Quarry.

1948 - The HMAS Cerberus Naval Base rail loop (Vic) was opened. The loop line was provided from the Frankston to Stony Point line at Crib Point that allowed down trains to run directly down to the naval base.

1965 - The Aussie cricketing twins of infamy, Steve and Mark Waugh were pupped.

1965 - That fantastic Sydney eccentric, Bea Miles, announced her retirement.

1972 - ACTU President Bob Hawke announced a ban on the servicing of UTA aircraft in protest at the French nuclear tests at Muroroa Atoll.

1973 - The Festival Theatre, Adelaide,  was opened by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

1985 - Tiger’ (T)jalkalyirri, Aboriginal guide, elder and land-rights campaigner, passed to the stars.

1987 -  The royal commission conducted by Justice Trevor Morling reported that there were 'serious doubts and questions as to the Chamberlains' guilt', and considered new evidence to be such that a trial judge would have been obliged to direct a jury to acquit them.

1988 - Canberra's High Court said a loud and emphatic "NO!" to the Brit efforts at banning publication of the book Spycatcher in Oz. One might be led to believe the Crown may have something to hide...

1990 - Darwin Aviation Museum opened on a site near Darwin Airport.

1993 - The great, grand gentleman, Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop, hung up his stethoscope for the final time.


  1. Some familiar things today. I think the Ainslie post office is still operational. And Goanna Oil is a fixture chez us.

  2. Have a photo somewhere of Weary Dunlop - a marvellous man, but there were many and still are many.

    1. Yes, he was a remarkable gentleman, amongst many.

  3. Wot no 'angings today??

    The 'quakes I've felt out here in eastern suburbs have all been accomplished by a sound like a truck going past the door. Made us stop and think because the roads not big enough for a truck.

    1. Half the time I often wonder if the trucks going past my place are causing the quakes, such is the sheer size of them!

  4. And that should be - accompanied by!

    Would be a really good truck to cause an earthquake lol

    1. LOL snap!
      Wrote the above replay before reading this one.

  5. "The Australian Electric Light Company exhibited those new fandangled electric lights in Melbourne and then went on to outrageously illuminate Spencer St in November of the same year."

    Can you imagine what life was like before electric lights? Especially in Australia where things can eat you.

    1. YES!!!!
      I been camping and I can assure you there are things bumping in the night in the Aussie bush that no mere human should hear.

    2. You have been camping. In Australia. In the bush. I am scared to even be here reading about it!!!

    3. As a child we OFTEN went on camping holidays. Lack of facilities and being savaged by mosquitoes were the worst experiences we faced.