Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June 20 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1790 – The Second Fleet materalised on the Holo Deck at Port Jackson.

1793 - The colony's administrator Lieut-Gov Francis Grose was empowered to assign convicts as servants to civil and military officers. He was instructed to prevent the secret and clandestine sale of spirits in the colony.
And, oh, how we laughed....

1802 - French explorer Nicholas Baudin washed ashore at Port Jackson aboard Le Geographe.

1808 - Michael Bagan was hanged at the Parramatta brickfields. Entered the house of Jane Codd near Parramatta, assaulted her and stole items from her home.

1808 - Felix Donnelly was hanged at the Parramatta brickfields. Entered the house of Jane Codd near Parramatta, assaulted her and stole items from her home.

1832 - Sydney Monitor: Report on Bong Bong to Wollongong road.

1839 - Robert William Newland and party shifted into Victor Harbour, SA.
And there went the neighbourhood.

1840 - First land sales held at Jervis Bay, NSW.

1843 - The first election in Victoria to vote in six members to represent the residents of Port Phillip in the NSW Legislative Council. Voters had to be male over the age of 21 and own freehold property worth at least 200 pounds. Candidates had to own property to the value of 2000 pounds. The vote for the Melbourne representative drew a total of 556 voters.

1846 - Brisbane 's first newspaper, the Moreton Bay Courier (later the Brisbane Courier, then Courier-Mail) began publication.

1866 – Adelaide's Town Hall opened for the usual shenanigans.

1899 - The Perth Mint opened to convert the colony's glittery, glittery gold into gold sovereigns.

1911 - The narrow gauge Crowes Railway Line (Vic) was opened from Beech Forest to Crowes.

1916 - The 26 miles / 42 kms of Broad Gauge Heywood to Mount Gambier Railway Line (Vic & SA) was opened as far as Dartmoor, only 10 miles / 16 kms from the SA border.

1927 – Film premiere of For the Term of his Natural Life.

1931 -  Forty NSW Police were involved in a bloody gun battle with 18 unemployed Communist squatters over an eviction order at 143 Union St, Newtown.

1932 - The Boggabilla Railway Branch line(NSW) was opened to those delicious steam locomotives from Camurra - North Star - Boggabilla.

1949 – Lance Sharkey, chairman of the Communist Party, was convicted for sedition.

1961 - The book, The Trial of Lady Chatterley, was banned.
First they banned Lady Chatterley's Lover.
Then they banned the book of the trial.

1964 - The first Pioneer Valley show was held at Finch Hatton, Mackay.

1965 - The rail passenger service from Heathcote Jct to Heathcote (on the North East Railway Line, Vic) was voted off the island.

1991 - Mining at Coronation Hill, NT, was banned by Federal Cabinet. It was incorporated into Kakadu National Park.

1999 – Australia won the 1999 Cricket World Cup, defeating Pakistan in the final.
With nary a sandpaper in sight.

2001 -  The first World Refugee Day was celebrated, having been decided upon by the UN General Assembly the previous December.

2002 – Australia decided to ratify the International Criminal Court.

2005 -  The longest serving detainee, Peter Qasim, was released. Fleeing from Indian Kashmir, he spent a total of seven years in detention. For years the Australian Government refused to recognise him as a refugee and Indian authorities denied he was Indian. He was finally released on a bridging visa only (into a psychiatric hospital) which denied him the right to permanent protection in Australia.

2007 - Australia announced that it will spend 9.3 billion US dollars on five Spanish-designed warships to boost its capacity to face military threats in the region.

2012 -  A Sydney brothel was reported to have received the green light for a multi-million-dollar expansion which will see it become the nation’s largest sex premises. Stiletto’s hourly rate of Aus$370 includes room, lady of choice and beverages.

2015 - Newspoll says 63 per cent of voters support recognition in the constitution.


  1. Gosh, I remember when the book was banned...or more like it I remember that is was banned!

    1. It wasn't that long ago, Margaret and yet it seems like such stuffy Victorian era laws!