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June 21 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1797 - Merino sheep imported by John Macarthur (2 rams, 4 ewes) and Samuel Marsden (1 ram, 1 ewe) arrive from the Cape aboard Reliance with stores for the colony.

1810 - Today wasn't too flash for Lieut William Paterson when he carked it at sea on the voyage home to England.

1830 - Thomas McCormick was hanged at Sydney for burglary and putting the occupants in fear.

1836 - Terence Saville was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Honora Davey at Williams River.

1836 - James Sproule (alias Fraser) was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Honora Davey at Williams River.

1842 - An escape attempt at Norfolk Island in the brig Governor Phillip was quelled. Six convicts were killed, four are later executed.

1845 – News of the discovery of a rich body of copper ore at Burra, South Australia was published in Adelaide newspapers.

1856 - Having explored the Victoria River and having time on his hands, Augustus Charles Gregory set out to traverse northern Australia from east to west.

1859 - Wentworth (the NSW town, not the TV series) was named after the New South Wales explorer and politician William Charles Wentworth.

1869 - A privately built telegraph line between Perth and Fremantle, WA, opened.

1871 - Sandhurst joined the ranks of Cities although it later changed it's title to that of a boxer, Bendigo.

1875 - The Victoria Bridge, Maitland, NSW, opened.

1876 - George Pitt was hanged at Mudgee for the murder of Ann Martin at Guntawang.

1878 - The Bank of South Australia opened for business in its new building.

1883 - The Piangil Railway Line (Vic) aka the Swanhill Railway Line (strangely also in Vic) was extended from Raywood to Mitiamo.

1886 - Wong Tong was hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of Kok Tow near Bundaberg.

1887 - The South Coast Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Clifton - Wollongong.

1887 - The Crow Eater Governor, Sir William Robinson, escorted by nearly 1200 mounted troopers, soldiers, marines and a number of brass bands, and led by the mounted police on their greys, moved down North Terrace to the Jubilee Exhibition Building next to the University. There he officially opened the 1887 Jubilee Exhibition which was to run for a year.

1887 - In Ballarat the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Foundation Stones were laid for the Mining Exchange, the Art Gallery & Old Colonists Hall.

1887 - Peats Ferry - An excursion train from Sydney ran out of control down the steep Cowan Bank. There were two other trains full of holidaymakers standing at the platforms at Hawksesbury River station and disaster was only averted by the station master who could hear the roaring engine and frantic whistling. He dispatched a railway porter to throw the points lever open and divert the runaway down a siding that led to the new bridge site. The train lost speed along the railway causeway out to Long Island and collided with some empty wagons. The locomotive slid off the embankment and ended up partially submerged in the river. The engine driver was trapped in the cabin and drowned but the fireman escaped. The toll was six dead and seventy injured.

1897 - Brisbane was beset by sparky vehicles on the carriageways about town - electric trams had arrived!

1901 - An attack at dawn killed 18 Victorian soldiers in the Boer War in South Africa.

1923 - The Alvie Railway Branch Line (Vic) took off at a gentle trot from the Warrnambool Railway Line near Colac and strolled on to Alvie, to allow onion and spud growers to transport their goodies to the waiting plates and stomachs everywhere.

1933 - Maude Bonney wasn't a lass to sit at home and knit quietly - on this day she became the first gal to wing her way from The Land of Oz to England.

1945 - Squeak aka "Love Is In The Air" Aussie pop singer John Paul Young began exercising his lungs when he was pupped on this day.

1948 - The late great Gunaikurnai Bantamweight Boxer Lionel Rose was born at Jackson's Track near Warragul, Vic.

1954 – John Landy was the second man in the world to run a mile in under 4 minutes, setting a world record time of 3 mins 58 secs at Turku, Finland.

1961 - P&O ocean liner SS Canberra flounced up at Station Pier, Melbourne, on her maiden voyage carrying 2,238 passengers. SS Canberra was built to service P&O's Britain-Australia run. It was built by Harland & Wolff, the Belfast-based firm who had built the Titanic, Britannic and Olympic for the White Star Line.

1961 - An RAF Avro Vulcan jet fighter became the first plane to fly non-stop from Britain to Australia with three aerial fuellings.

1966  - NSW Labor leader Arthur Calwell was injured in an apparent assassination attempt as he left an anti-conscription meeting at Mosman Town Hall, on Sydney's lower north shore. 19-year-old Peter Kocan fired a sawn-off rifle through the window of Calwell's car but luckily the closed window deflected the bullet, which lodged in the lapel of Calwell's coat without causing injury. Calwell suffered only minor facial injuries from broken glass.

1968 - The Queensland Government announced its plan to close the state's tramways.

1975 - The West Indies, captained by Clive Lloyd won the first World Cup Cricket series, beating Australia by 17 runs at Lords.
Without any ball tampering.

1977 - The Holsworthy Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Jct (Liverpool) - Anzac Rifle Range.

1982 - The brand spanking new Queensland Art Gallery was flung open for us plebs.

1987 - A marriage of two women, Lyn and Stirling was held at the Belmore Park Hotel.

1996 -  In Victoria, despite years of protest action, Fairfield Hospital was officially closed. The Alfred Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital officially took over the HIV/AIDS services.

2006 - Australian soldiers in Baghdad mistakenly opened fire on Iraqi Trade Minister Abdul Falah al-Sudany's bodyguards, killing one and wounding three people. The Australian government apologized the next day.

2007 - PM John Howard announced plans for the federal government to take control of 60 aboriginal communities in the Northern Territories. Plans also included a ban on pornography and alcohol for Aborigines in the northern areas and tightened control over their welfare benefits to fight child sex abuse among them.

2011 - Hundreds of flights were grounded in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra as the Chilean ash cloud returned to Australia with a vengeance.

2012 - Indonesian and Australian navies launched efforts to rescue survivors after a Sri Lanka refugee boat carrying about 200 people, mostly men from Afghanistan, capsized on its way to Christmas Island. Scores were feared drowned in an apparent attempt to seek asylum. 110 people were rescued and about 90 remained missing. On Jan 28 an Indonesian court sentenced Javaid Mahmood (55), a Pakistani man, for attempting to smuggle the asylum seekers. He was the 2nd man found guilty in the case.

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