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June 22 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - "Slight shock of earthquake in the newly formed settlement of Sydney Cove. It did not last more than two or three seconds. It was felt by most people in camp, and by the Governor himself, who heard at the same time a noise to the south, and which he took at first to be the report of guns fired at a great distance.  The earth teemed with sulphurous odour for some time after."

1829 - John Slack (alias York) was hanged at Sydney for putting in fear and burglary at the house of Timothy Beard at Cabramatta.

1838 - Col William Light spat the dummy and resigned as Surveyor-General of South Australia, after being refused additional staff and being ordered to use an inexact method of survey.

1842 - The Imperial Waste Lands Act increased the minimum price of land in all the Australian colonies to £1 acre - half the proceeds to be used to encourage migration. Wakefield, Torrens & Hutt's plan from the SA Foundation Act of 1834, is to be half adopted in the other colonies i.e. NSW WA & Tas.

1846 - The Eastern Market was opened in Melbourne right alongside the Female Peniteniary ; the Eastern Market site later hosted The Southern Cross Hotel where the Fab Four stayed during the Melbourne leg of their Oz tour but, sadly for them, there were no longer any caged females screaming next door....

1854 - The news finally reached Oz about the outbreak titled the Crimean War, which gave rise to fears of attack on Oz by the Russian Navy....which in turn led to the night When The Russians Didn't Invade Victoria.

1854 - Sir Charles Hotham plonked himself into the post of Governor of Victoria.
And then the rot set it.

1863 - Roll up, Roll up! The City of Churches aka Adelaide was sparkling like a hazy diamond in the night when the city was illuminated by gas.

1884 - A simple lesson for men to change their socks more often!!! Henrietta Dugdale and Annette Bean had been darning too many socks for the menfolk - their heads had obviously been turned (as had possibly their stomachs) by the odourous smell assaulting their senses so they formed the Women's Suffrage Society in Melbourne on this day.

1889 - Sydney's tallest building, the head office of the Mutual Life Association of Australasia, opened. It stood more than 34 metres above street level.

1892 - During a day of wild weather all over the state of Victoria that caused much damage, a cyclone hit Ballarat resulting in extensive damage to buildings, numerous people were injured and 2 lives were lost.

1892 - Newspapers reported that the unemployment situation was so bad, some families were selling their own clothes to buy food.

1899 - Essendon (AFL) footballer Albert Thurgood must have had his weet bix that morning as he kicked a footy 107.6 yards / 98.4 metres during practice at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1903 - Sow Too Low (or Sotulo) An Islander from Malaita (now part of Solomon Islands) was hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of John Martin and Sergeant David Johnston at Mackay Gaol. He was also thought responsible for the murder of 12-year-old Alice Gunning near Mackay.

1911 - Aussie PM Andrew Fisher lead a delegation of Aussies to London for the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary on this date.
And bless all who sail in her.

1923 - The spectacularly scenic Woodside Railway Branch Line (Vic) was opened from Won Wron to Woodside.

1926 – The Council for Scientific Research (CSIR) was hatched; later became the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

1935 - Today in Gordonvale, North Queensland, the bloody awful cane toad arrived.

1936 - Edward Cornelius was hanged at Pentridge for the murder of the Reverend Laceby Cecil at St. Saviour's Collingwood ("The Vicarage Murder").

1948 - PM Ben Chifley made every housewife's day by announcing that rationing had ceased and desisted on meat and clothing.

1952 - And there was a fair bit of rain falling in south-eastern Oz to the point there was major flooding in Gippsland and NSW.

1963 - A Cobb and Co coach re-enacted its trip to Melbourne from Port Douglas.

1971 - Construction began on the Melbourne Underground Loop.

1973 - At Australia's request, the International Court of Justice ordered France to cease & desist nuclear testing in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

1974 - The Builders' Labourers' Federation (BLF) was deregistered by the Australian Industrial Court in Melbourne.

1974 - Harry Williams was the first recognised indigenous Australian helping the Socceroos earn its first point at the World Cup when he broke new ground in the former West Germany by making his debut for Australia at the men’s FIFA World Cup in the 82nd minute in a scoreless draw with Chile in West Berlin.

1977 – The Uniting Church of Australia was formed from the Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian Churches.

1981 - The railway line from Long Island Junction - Stony Point (Vic) was closed.

1981 - 32 gay men and women attended the first meeting of the Sydney Gay Business Association (SGBA) at Xavier’s Restaurant, Surry Hills.

1985 - The first local council elections were held in Palmerston, Darwin.

1988 - The world’s first condom bar opened at the Virgin shopping centre in Darling Harbour.

1991 - The Abattoirs Railway Branch Line (NSW) was closed from Jct (Saleyards) - Thorpes - Jct (Saleyards Loop).

1998 - The Superannuation (Entitlements of Same Sex Couples) Bill 1998 is introduced by Federal MP Anthony Albanese into Federal Parliament. The Bill seeks to eliminate superannuation discrimination by changing the definition of dependent to include the spouse, de facto partner and any child of the person.

1998 - A meeting of Oxford Street business owners express concerns at the lack of a visible police presence in the area. The Local Area Commander at Surry Hills Station tells the meeting crime on the strip remains static.

2006 - In Australia a 176-year-old giant tortoise, believed to have been studied by famed English naturalist Charles Darwin, died after a short illness. Harriet was originally named Harry, as she was mistakenly identified as male, an error which was not rectified for more than a century.

2010 - Australia reinstated race discrimination laws in the remote Northern Territory region after suspending them for three years to pursue a controversial crime crackdown in poor Aboriginal townships. Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said: "Reinstating the RDA (Racial Discrimination Act) restores dignity and helps Indigenous Australians to take ownership of their lives and to drive change in the Northern Territory."

2015 - Matildas striker Kyah Simon scored a winning goal in Australia’s first knockout win at a FIFA World Cup in a 1-0 win over Brazil in Moncton.

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