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June 23 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1810 - Gov Lachlan Macquarie had wont to send an email...but lacking the necessary pigeons to hold the horse hairs together to make contact with the interwebs, Macquarie instead opened the first Aussie post office, at Circular Quay.

1830 - Harry Cade was hanged for highway robbery near Parramatta. Cade was transported at the age of fourteen and executed after he turned sixteen.

1830 - Jack Field was hanged at Sydney for stealing from a settler named Pike.

1830 - Henry O'Neil was hanged at Sydney for highway robbery.

1839 - Thomas Sumner , George Cooke , Ryder Gorman and Dennis Dacey were hanged at Sydney for robbery with violence at the house of William Woods and rape of Ann Amlin at King's Plains (Blayney)

1862 - Cobb & Co began writing themselves into Aussie history with their coach service galloping about NSW from their headquarters in Bathurst.

1862 - Not that we're calling them size queens but....The western boundary of Queensland changed from Longitude 141 degrees to 138 degrees.

1865 - Vic Parliament created its own debate reporting department. J. J. Casey in his speech to Parliament noted 'in the opinion of this house, provision should be made to secure an accurate report of the debates in Parliament in the form of Hansard'. Parliamentary reporting had previously been undertaken by journalists from The Argus newspaper.

1866 - Today was the date in the diary for the drilling of the first oil well in the Fair Isle of OZ; it was located at Alfred Flat, Coorong, in South OZ,  due to an algal scum "coorongite" being mistaken for bitumen.

1867 - The Nepean River, NSW, flooded to an estimated height of about 13.4 metres in the river, and 27.47 metres on land. It had a devastating effect on the riverside communities; six died.

1869 - Prince Alfred Wesleyan College opened in Adelaide, SA.

1870 - At the pilot station on the Macleay River they reported they had a severe shock at ten minutes past 6 p.m., it stopped a clock. There was another slight shock at 7 p.m.

1870 - Adam Lindsay Gordon's successful "Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes" was published and Henry Kendall showed him a proof copy of the enthusiastic review he had written.
At dawn the next morning Gordon went to the beach at Brighton and shot himself.

1874 - Gottlieb Eichhorn was hanged at Armidale Gaol for the rape of seventy-two-year-old Eliza Chapman at Saumarez Ponds. Mrs Chapman died from the injuries received. Eichhorn was sixteen at the time of the crime.

1886 - Politician John Cash Neild spoke for nine hours against the NSW Jennings government's introduction of mild ad valorem duties, thereby earning the nickname 'Jawbone'.

1887 - William Conroy was hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of John Snook at Fremantle Town Hall.

1897 - A fancy-pants statue of NSW's first Governor, Arthur Phillip, was unveiled in Garden Palace Grounds, Sydney, by the Governor, Viscount Hampden, Henry Robert Brand.

1897 - Brisbane's Victoria Bridge was opened by Governor, Baron Lamington. It is named to honour Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

1902 - Bushranger brothers Patrick and James Kenniff were taken into police custody at Arrest Creek, south of Mitchell.

1903 – The first Australian postage stamps were issued, replacing pre-federation colonial stamps.

1924 - Alicia Katz became the first female candidate to stand for a seat in the Victorian Parliament. She contested the Legislative Assembly seat of Barwon as a Labor candidate but was unsuccessful, gaining 30.46% of the vote.

1937 - A polio epidemic swept across the nation although it was most severe in Victoria and did not abate until March 1938.

1946 - Fletcher Jones first shop was swamped with customers when it opened in Collins Street, Melbourne. Queues stretched for blocks under signs proclaiming 'Fletcher Jones of Warrnambool—nothing but trousers. 72 scientific sizes. No man is hard to fit'.

1950  -And Pig Iron Bob Menzies as Prime Minister oversaw the Australian Communist Party Dissolution Bill which was passed with the prunes on this day.

1952 - Karol Tapci was hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Norman Alfred Perfect at Wubin.

1959 - The Soviet Union renewed diplomatic relations with Australia.

1961 -  The Antarctic Treaty came into force. It established the legal framework for the management of Antarctica and promoted international cooperation in Antarctic scientific research.

1973 - ABC-TV's The Comedy Game featured Flash Nick From Jindivik (Part 2).

1975 - Melbourne multicultural radio station 3EA began broadcasting.

1979 - Not wanting to rush these sort of things, Sydney's Eastern suburbs railway was finally opened, having only been planned for a short while - since the 1870's.
Which means the Victorian railway won't be extended till sometime in 2110.

1980 - Australia's first test tube baby, Candice Reed, was born in Melbourne.

1981 - Mining of mineral sand on Moreton Island was given the green light by the Queensland Government.

1981 - The Gay Rights Lobby held a public meeting on the need for law reform at the Heffron Hall. George Petersen MLA, Chief Justice Elizabeth Evatt and solicitor Virginia Bell spoke.

1984 - Menzies School of Health Research was officially opened in Darwin by the Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen.

1984 - A march and rally for lesbian and gay liberation was organised by the Gay Solidarity Group and endorsed by the HLRC.

1987 - The Little Aussie Weeper aka PM Bob Hawke vainly promised that "by 1990 there will be no Australian child living in poverty".

1987 - What was seen as a breakthrough in Sydney gay community development, the first gay community outreach dinner was organised by ACON and is attended by venue owners, entertainers, “politicos” and gay media representatives.

2000 – A fire at a backpacker hostel at Childers, Queensland killed 15.

2003 - Sydney City Council removed a clause exempting Darlinghurst Road anti-clustering of sex industry businesses.

2010 - PM Kevin Rudd announced a shock ballot to fight a challenge from his deputy Julia Gillard, raising the prospect of the country's first female head of government. Rudd emerged from marathon late-night talks with Gillard and other ministers to tell a hastily convened press conference the vote would be held early on June 24.

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