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June 24 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1805 - Things were a bit crook in Hobart when Lt Collins sent an urgent missive to Gov King about the EXTREME food shortage they were experiencing.
That's how it was written in my history book - "EXTREME food shortage".
I mean, they could have underlined it for good effect,, perhaps thrown in a few !!!!!, but oh no, they had to grab the reader's attention with the shock and awe CAPITALS.

1852 - The town of Gundagai, NSW, was washed away by floodwaters of the Murrumbidgee River. 89 lives were lost out of a population of 250. The heroic actions of a number of Wiradjuri men saved many lives. Yarri and Jacky in particular, spent the wild night ferrying men, women and children to safety, from the rooftops and branches of giant river red gums.

1854 - Land sales began in Toowoomba, Qld.

1854 - There they were; the Ararat and Maryborough goldfields, lazing about in the sun, minding their own business when some desperado came along and started scratching about in their navals just to proclaim to all and sundry they had GOLD!!!!! (see? I can do shock and awe, too).

1856 - Norfolk Island thought better of it's engagement to Tassie and decided it wanted it's independence , so it waltzed off into the sunset with NSW administrating from afar.

1858 - An earthquake was felt at Echuca, Pyramid Hill and Swan Hill.

1862 - Charles Flanders was hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the murder of ten-year-old Mary Ann Riley at Bagdad.

1864 - Bushranger Daniel (Mad Dog) Morgan killed Sgt McGinnerty on the Tumbarumba Road, NSW.

1870 - Master horseman and marvellous poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon took himself down to Brighton Beach in Victoria and did himself a nasty mischief with a loaded gun.

1875 - The Royal Commission into the lighting and ventilation of the Vic Legislative Assembly chamber and the accommodation required for Honourable Members presented its second and final report to Parliament.
Farts and snores and burps, oh, my !

1879 - Queensland stretched its borders to include the Torres Strait islands beyond the existing 60-mile limit.

1880 - Sugar cane was grown successfully in Queensland by smarty-pants T.H. Fitzgerald.

1889 - Eleven men were buried alive when a coal mine near Newcastle, NSW, caved in.

1897 - Thomas Moore was hanged at Dubbo for the murder of Edward (or Edwin) Smith at Brennan's Bend on the Darling River below Bourke.

1913 - 6th Prime Minister
Sworn in after a close election result, Prime Minister Joseph Cook held a majority of only one in the House of Representatives.

1926 - A BLUE crow was eyeballed for a second time at Betley (Vic).
Don't ask me what they were smokin' !

1927 - The Menin Gate Memorial was officially opened at Ypres, Belgium.
It records the names of over 56,000 Allied soldiers missing in the battles near Ypres in WW1.

1937 - Quick, Henrietta, burn your copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover, the Commonwealth Literature Censorship Board was established!
 The new Board (temporarily) lifted the old Book Censorship Advisory Committee’s ban on James Joyce’s Ulysses.

1942 - Arrival in Australia of chemical weapons stocks on ship “Lossiebank”.

1945 - Ten people died when a De Havilland DH 86 aircraft crashed at Geraldton, WA.

1948 - The Qantas Empire Airways Act meant Australia’s only overseas airline was now publicly owned. In 1948 the government also re-established a Commonwealth shipping line.

1948 - Rationing of meat and clothing finally came to an end.
This is something you'll have to ask your grandparents about, coz I wouldn't advise you to hold your breath waiting for this round of rationing to end any time soon.

1953 - The British and Australian Governments made a joint announcement about their plans for extensive nuclear weapons testing in outback Australia.
Yeah, thanks for that.
No, really, thanks.

1954 - The narrow gauge Walhalla Railway Line (Vic) was closing down with not a bargain in sight; today saw the final service from Moe to Platina, 5 stations back from Walhalla.

1955 - Sydney newspaper printers went on strike with journos joining them; the newspaper owners brought out a composite newspaper made up of four broadsheet titles while the printers and journalists brought out their own paper named The Clarion.

1958 - Raymond John Bailey, convicted for the Sundown Murders. Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Thyra Bowman.

1967 - On their way to a gig in Morwell, Vic, Max Merritt & The Meteors van collided head-on with a truck just outside Bunyip, 90 miles from Melbourne. Only bassist John 'Yuk' Harrison, sitting in the back with the equipment, escaped unhurt. Max suffered severe head injuries, Bob's leg was badly broken, and Stewie suffered multiple serious injuries -- his legs were crushed, both arms were broken and he lost the tips of several fingers, resulting a four-month hospital stay and a long and painful rehabilitation.  Max lost his right eye and his face was badly scarred, Bob was left with a permanent limp, and Stewie never regained full mobility.

1968 - Penalties for the evasion of national service were increased

1968 -  British comedy star Tony Hancock was found dead in his Sydney flat.

1974 - The Mirboo North Railway Branch Line (Vic) was officially kicked to the kerb although the final service trundled down the tracks 3 days later.

1977 - CAMP (NSW) met with the Labor Premier Wran. The outcome resulted in a souring of relations between the Premier and the gay community for several years.

1978 - The Weekend Australian ran a feature on gay rights.

1978 - At 10am 500 people marched from the Town Hall to Martin Place. This was the largest gay march in Sydney to date.

1978 - At 2pm a Forum on the international gay movement was held at the Paddington Town Hall.

1978 - At 10pm what became the very first Sydney Mardi Gras held to mark the Day of International Gay Solidarity, sparkled and danced it's way into the history books as it sashayed down Oxford Street, then to Kings Cross where the crowd of merry-makers grew to 2,000.
Not to be outdone the police of the day arrested 53 persons in Darlinghurst Rd.

1980 - Family Court judge, Justice David Opas, died after being shot by an unknown assailant at his Sydney home.

1987 – Christopher Skase bought the Seven Network.

1989 - The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence elevated several new saints – Julie Bates for her work in sex worker and intravenous drug user organisations;  Barry Fitzgerald in honour of the Safe Sex Sluts and Kendall Lovett for his work in gay radio news  and as a reporter for overseas gay newspapers.

1990 - The Pyramid Building Society, the largest in Victoria, fell into a heap.

1998 - A private member’s De Facto Relationships (Amendment) Bill 1998, seeking to legally recognise same sex relationships, was introduced into the NSW Parliament by the Australian Democrats MLC, Elizabeth Kirkby.

2000 - The fourth National HIV/AIDS Strategy meeting, Changes and Challenges was launched by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and was aimed at addressing and responding to HIV/AIDS in the face of increasing complacency.

2004 - The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom was founded in the Coral Sea Islands with Emperor Dale I the leader.

2005 - Schapell Corby sacked her legal team after allegations they demanded half a million dollars from the Oz Govt to bribe the Balinese High Court Judges.

2010 - 27th Prime Minister
In a leadership challenge, Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th Prime Minister, the first Ranga and the first woman to hold the office. She was elected unopposed by the Parliamentary Labor Party.

2011 - UNESCO added the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia, to its heritage list.

2014 - Inaugural National Indigenous Human Rights Awards at the NSW state parliament. Among the categories were the Dr M Yunupingu Human Rights Achievement Award (awarded to Arrernte elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks), the Edward ‘Koiki’ Mabo Social Justice Award (awarded posthumously to Arthur and Leila Murray) and the Anthony Mundine Courage Award (awarded to Gamilaroy woman Barbara McGrady).

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