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June 25 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - Samuel Payton was a 20-year-old convict and stonemason hanged for stealing shirts, stockings and combs.

1819 - The road from Hobart to New Norfolk was completed.

1831 - A regular coach service between Hobart and Launceston started trundling the great unwashed masses about.

1847 - Queen Vicky of Old Blighty (she who was stuck on the throne for ever and a day) declared Melbourne to be a pass the beer nuts.

1857 - Twas a miserable date for the crew on the ship Koenig Willem II as, after discharging 397 Chinese passengers in Robe, South OZ, on this day the ship had a nasty mishap and became wrecked, resulting in 16 deaths.
These sailors were buried in the nearby sandhills.

1857 - Yet on the same day over the border in Victoria the Greenwich (aka Newport) to Geelong Railway Line (Vic) was opened by the then operators the Geelong & Melbourne Railway Company.

1860 - 25 camels rocked up in Melbourne for the Burke and Wills road trip. If you missed the movie, it's like Thelma and Louise - a lot of unreliable men who don't know their arse from their elbow, a few jokes and it ends in tears before bedtime.

1861 - The Supreme Court was established in WA.

1867 - Bushranger brothers John and Thomas Clarke were hanged by the neck until they were dead at Darlinghurst Gaol, Sydney.

1867 - The Register reported: 'Although the Torrens dam has not been swept away ... boating on the silvery bosom of the river is as effectively stopped as if it had'. In fact the lake had been drained to allow for the laying of the foundations for the Morphett Street (Victoria) bridge.

1870 - The Harlech Castle sank beneath the waves between Melbourne and Newcastle with 23 lives lost.

1872 - The first telegrams (*containing a grocery list, recipe for 2 minute noodles and a longed for Grindr profile*) were sent from Sydney to England.

1877 - HA! A Royal Commission on public education was begun, to look into the state of education in Victoria and to consider ideas on ways to better it.... Bwahahahahahaha oh dear I don't think their think tank came up with much *snort* Some might say they're not paying peanuts yet they're still stuck with some monkeys...

1894 - Today a  letter was read out to the esteemed company of men gathered at the meeting of the Bendigo Football Association. It was from the secretary of the Cummeragunja Aboriginal Football Club, Thomas S. James, requesting to play a few matches with the local teams and to recommend a gentleman to arrange the matches and undertake the collection of gate money. The club was also prepared to give entertainment in the form of singing, skipping and boomerang throwing.
The letter was “received,” and the secretary was instructed to inform the writer that the club’s fixtures were already drawn up.

1908 – The Art Gallery of Western Australia opened.

1910 - The North Coast Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Casino North Junction - Kyogle , and from Jct (Old Casino) - Casino North Junction.

1912 - The section of railway line from Eltham to Hurstbridge  (Vic) was opened.

1912 – Him what gave us Guilfoyle's Volcano at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens which he designed, prolific landscape gardener and botanist William Guilfoyle popped his clogs.

1912 - The Pinnaroo Railway Line (Vic & SA) was opened 110 kms from Ouyen to Murrayville.

1926 - Beryl Mills of Westralia won the very first Miss Australia competition.
Onya Beryl!

1948 - The Australian Olympic Team shot through from Sydney Airport on a Qantas Empire Airways Constellation, bound for the London Olympic Games. They were the first Australian Olympic team to travel by air (except for those who took to their broomsticks). The 77 team members returned to Australia on the P&O liner RMS Strathaird.

1954 - The Moe to Erica (narrow gauge) Railway Line (Vic) was closed, dammit.

1966 - Rapid Creek Primary School in Darwin was opened by His Honour, The Administrator R.L. Dean.

1967 -  The ABC took part in the historic Our World broadcast, a 22-nation satellite link-up broadcast to an estimated 150,000,000 viewers. The worldwide hookup included the famous live broadcast of The Beatles' new single, All You Need Is Love, live from Abbey Rd Studios in London.

1969 -  Statistics released today showed that one-third of Australian women aged between 15 and 49 were using the oral contraceptive pill.

1973 - HMAS Supply pushed off from Sydney to rendezvous with NZ frigate Otago at the French nuclear test zone at Muroroa Atoll in the South Pacific. The two ships were sent as a protest against French nuclear weapons testing.

1978 - An early morning vigil was held outside Darlinghurst Police Station and arrestees bail was organised. Later meetings and a press conference was held at CAMP, 33a Glebe Point Road.

1983 - The 1983 International Day for Lesbian and Gay Male Freedom was held in Parramatta with the march commencing at the railway station and ending with a picnic in Parramatta Park.

1985 - The first AGM of the AIDS Council of NSW was held.

1986 - Ms Pat O'Shane, the Secretary of the NSW Aboriginal Affairs Ministry, accepted her appointment as NSW's first Aboriginal Magistrate.

1995 - The PRIDE Sydney Lesbian and Gay Community Centre at 26 Hutchinson Street, Surry Hills was opened by Federal MP Peter Baldwin and the State MP Clover Moore with an afternoon of celebration.

2002 - The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby encouraged community members to send NSW Premier, Bob Carr NSW: The Last State postcards registering their concern about the slow pace of gay and lesbian reform.

2003 - An Australian military spokesman said the army will kill as many as 15,000 kangaroos to keep a southeastern army base from being overgrazed.

2004 - Australia's government decided to cover most of the outside of cigarette packages with graphic images showing the physical damage caused by smoking.

2004 - The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to a National Water Initiative and the establishment of a seven-member National Water Commission.

2007 - Police and soldiers began deploying to outback Australia as part of a radical plan to end child sex abuse in Aboriginal communities which has been criticized as a return to the nation's paternalistic past.

2009 - Kuuku Ya'u People Native title exists in the entire determination area: land and water to the north of the Lockhart River on the east of the Cape York Peninsula (Portland Rocks, Rocky Island, Sandy Islet, Pigeon Island, Quoin Island National Park, Piper Islands National Park, some parts of Forbes Islands National Park and the seas surrounding these areas).

2010 - PM Julia Gillard pledged to end a mining tax row as soon as possible after spending her first day in power speaking to world leaders and assuring Washington of Canberra's commitment to Afghanistan.

2014 - Kooma People Native title exists in the entire determination area: land and waters located in the south-west of Queensland, between the towns of Cunnamulla in the west, Charleville in the north, St George to the east and the New South Wales border; and also including in the claim area the towns of Dirranbandi, Hebel and Bollon.

2015 - Liberal MP Ken Wyatt tabled a much-anticipated report, with support from the Government, Labor and the Greens, on progress towards a referendum on Indigenous recognition in the constitution.

2015 - Native title rights acknowledge Boonthamurra People’s history -
Indigenous traditional owners in south-west Queensland say a native title claim settled today in Eromanga provides them enduring links to the land where their ancestors walked and lived; the Federal Court of Australia determination acknowledged the native title rights and interests of the Boonthamurra People over about 23,405 square kilometres of land and waters south-east of Windorah.

2017 - Australian police fired pepper spray to break up clashes between right-wing nationalists and anti-racism protesters on the streets of Melbourne, the latest protest held by anti-immigration groups in the country.

*probably not true.

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