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June 26 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1797 - Bass and Flinders explored Botany Bay and Georges River in the Tom Thumb.

1800 - Maj Joseph Foveaux was appointed Lieut-Gov of Norfolk Island, replacing Thomas Rowley.

1802 - The ship Hercules rocked up with 121 convicts. During the voyage 14 convicts were killed during a mutiny and 30 others died of sickness. It brought a consignment of meat which eased the food shortage.

1831 - Mokare, Aboriginal guide, was a Nyungar man of the Minang people, whose territory centred on King George Sound on the south-western coast of Western Australia.  Today he passed to the stars at the home of his friend Magistrate Alexander Collie.
Aborigines and Europeans assembled at Collie's house and walked to where the Europeans dug a grave. Mokare was laid to rest; his cloak and personal artefacts adorned the grave as those assembled cried and wailed. A short time later, the Aborigines left the settlement for a period of mourning. When Collie was dying in 1835, he asked to be buried alongside Mokare. The graves were disturbed during construction of Albany Town Hall in the twentieth century and some remains, presumed to be Collie's, were interred in the pioneers' cemetery, Albany. What happened to Mokare’s remains after the exhumation is unclear.

1845 - Today saw the last issue ever of the "Tasmanian and Austral-Asiatic Review"

1851 - Sale ( a town in Vic, not the Boxing Day Sale) was gazetted as a village.

1855 - Peter Connolly, Bushranger. Hanged at Hobart.

1855 - John "Rocky" Whelan, Bushranger. Confessed to five murders. Hanged at Hobart.

1855 - Edward Heylin .Hanged at Hobart for burglary.

1855 - John Parsons Knights . Hanged at Hobart for burglary.

1867 - William Peters was hanged at Bathurst for the attempted murder of eight-year-old Faith Perkins at Orange.

1880 - Siege of Glenrowan Day 1 -
Ned Kelly and Steve Hart rounded up the population of the small town of Glenrowan and locked them in Ann Jones Inn. Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly rode off towards Beechworth to find Aaron Sherritt once a friend now police informant. The Kelly Gang later forced railway workers to derail a section of the Melbourne to Sydney train line. This was done after the last passenger train passed at 9pm, and there would be no more scheduled services until the following Monday.

1880 - Aaron Sherritt was at home with his wife, mother-in-law and four policemen, Constables Armstrong, Alexander, Ducross, and Dowling. A neighbour, Antone Weekes, who had reportedly been handcuffed and held hostage by Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly, called out "Aaron" at the back door of Sherritt's hut. When Sherritt answered it, Joe Byrne shot him at point-blank range in the chest. The gang then held four police officers assigned to protect Aaron captive in the house for 12 hours before they stole back into the bush.

1883 - The St Johns Ambulance Association was established in Melbourne.

1896 - Tasmania's first copper smelter was brought into operation.

1905 - To get that delish fish to market a little quicker the narrow gauge Welshpool to Welshpool Jetty Railway Line (Vic), which was actually a horse-drawn tramway, was flung open.

1914 - The Yaapeet Railway Branch Line (Vic) was opened from Rainbow to Yaapeet.

1918 - Steamer Wimmera, travelling between Auckland, NZ, and Sydney, was sunk by the German raider Wolf. 26 crew and passengers drowned.

1924 - An earthquake near Macquarie Island send the not-so-gentle rippling waves of a tsunami to rinse the coastline of NSW.

1930- Aviator Charles Kingsford Smith plonked down in New York on his round the world flight.

1939  - Minister of Defence gives approval for investigations into the production of mustard gas.

1949 – A seven week coal strike involving 23,000 miners began.

1950 – Twenty-eight died in Australia's worst aviation disaster when an ANA Skymaster crashed near York, Western Australia.

1952 - Grace Muriel Stratton became the first female candidate to stand for a Legislative Council seat (Higinbotham). She stood as an Independent candidate, gaining 41.29% of the votes.

1978 - 300 protested outside closed court in Liverpool Street and 7 were arrested.

1980 - Australian Richard Thorp, of the US firm Mitchell, Guirgola and Thorp, won a competition to design the new Parliament House, Canberra.

1983 - A public forum organised by the Gay Defence Campaign (previously Club 80 Raid Task Force) discussed Law Reform, Community Development and AIDS.

1988 – The Australian Recording Industry Association compiled the first ARIA Charts.

1993 - A night time commemorative pilgrimage to Kings Cross following the route of the first Mardi Gras themed We Are Family”, was organised by the 1993 Stonewall Committee.

1993 - 22 members of the Sydney congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) staged a protest outside a Call to Australia meeting at St Albans Anglican Church, Rooty Hill.

1998 – The Marree Man geoglyph appeared in the desert near Marree, South Australia.

2004 - 750 attended a rally organised by NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, ACON, New Mardi Gras and the Sydney Pride Centre to protest in favour of equal relationship recognition before the law.

2006 – The world's first successful triple organ transplant was performed in Australia.

2007 - The Victorian health department’s role in supervising PLWHA who may be placing others at risk, came under renewed scrutiny after Sudanese-born man, Lam Kuoth, 28, was charged with reckless conduct endangering serious injury. The charge relates to a 24 year old woman Kuoth allegedly had unprotected sex within April. Kuoth was being monitored by the Department of Human Services.

2013 - In a leadership challenge, Kevin Rudd was elected Leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party and became Prime Minister for the second time.

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