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June 27 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1789 - Ooooooooo, there was excitement plus, peoples, when Captain Tench and his party gallivanted upon the Nepean River.

1865 - Army commaner and engineer John Monash was found in the cabbage patch.

1874 - Victoria's mining unions amalgamated to form Amalgamated Miners Union.

1880 - Seige of Glenrowan Day 2 -
Most of the law abiding element of Glenrowan’s population had been rounded up by Ned Kelly and his gang and held hostage in Ann Jones Inn. This was so the Kelly’s could derail the train tacks and no warning of the trap towards the police and their special train coming from Melbourne. As the day wore n, and no police train appeared along the tracks, the tense atmosphere developed, and by late night, it appeared that there would be no train. The police train finally left Melbourne for Beechworth in North East Victoria, at 10pm, with police, horses and blacktrackers.

1891 - Floods destroyed property from Wagga Wagga to Queanbeyan, NSW.

1905 - The newspapers were full of the news that 3 West Oz Aboriginal men had been arrested, while a 4th escaped, after the discovery of two skeletons alleged to have been white fellas, while between 9 and 12 murders were being attributed to these men.

1909 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1911 - Australia's first military academy, Duntroon, opened within the Australian Capital Territory.

1916 - Those farmers in Yanac were mighty pleased with the opening of the Yanac-a-Yanac Railway Branch Line (Vic) from Lorquon.

1925 - The Mildura Railway Line (Vic) was stretched a little longer when it was extended from Merbein to Yelta...and became the Yelta Railway Line.

1927 - When the Duke and Duchess of York finally got home after their tour of Or-stray-lia they had 3 tons of gifts for their little girl, Elizabeth. Bet that copped them a fair fine for over-weight luggage!

1934 - Eight Aboriginal prisoners who had been condemned to death in the Darwin Courts for murder of two white prospectors had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment by the Governor-General.

1937 - In Dubbo, western NSW, trade unionist and Aboriginal politician William Ferguson launched the Aborigines Progressive Association, in opposition to the Aborigines Protection Board, after officials of the Board had arbitrarily used their powers to harass Aboriginal people.

1949 – A coal strike involving 23,000 miners began. It lasted for seven weeks until Australian military forces were used to break the strike; the first time such a thing had happened in peace-time Australia.

1951 - The Country of Cumberland Scheme, which determines and controls the growth and planning of Sydney, became operational.

1974 - Eighty-eight years of a railway line life came to an end on this day with the very final train to travel on the Morwell - Mirboo North railway line.

1978 - The Sydney Morning Herald publishes the names, addresses, jobs of those arrested at the Mardi Gras march.

1978 - A small delegation met with the State Premier, Neville Wran.

1981 - 500 - 1000 strong Stonewall Week March for Gay Rights began at Belmore Park and ended at Hyde Park with a concert with Hen’s Teeth.

1983 - Melbourne Cricket Club voted to admit women as members.

1983 - AIDS was declared a notifiable disease in South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

1990 - The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby held a public meeting to launch the Whistle Project which aimed to encourage gay men and lesbians to carry a whistle to use whenever they witness or are the victim of an assault.

1996 - Optus began it's nation-wide local call service on this day in Sydney, which saw the end of the Govt-owned Testra monopoly over phone services.

2001 - The Intelligence Services Act 2001 introduced into Parliament, providing a legislative basis for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) and the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), both of which had been previously established by executive order.

2008 - Nathan Jawai became the first Australian Aboriginal basketball player to be drafted into the NBA.

2011 - In Australia Hong Kong-based Philip Morris Asia Limited launched legal action against the government over plans to strip company logos from cigarette packages and replace them with grisly images of cancerous mouths, sickly children and bulging, blinded eyes.

2012 - Four people are believed to have died and 130 others were rescued after a crowded boat carrying asylum seekers to Australia capsized and sank between Christmas Island and the main Indonesian island of Java.

2013 - Kevin Rudd was sworn in as Australian prime minister three years and three days after he was ousted from the same job in an internal government showdown.

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