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June 28 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1789  - Governor Arthur Phillip set out for a post-luncheon stroll to trace the course of the Hawkesbury River.

1790  - Mother of the Australian wool industry, Elizabeth Macarthur, first sailed into Sydney with the Second Fleet.

1824 - Cornelius Fitzpatrick was hanged at Sydney for the murder of John Bentley outside Newcastle.

1830 - William Dalton was hanged at Sydney for highway robbery of John Ellison near Parramatta.

1833 - Australia's oldest bridge on the mainland, Lennox Bridge, Lapstone Hill, NSW, was completed.

1836 - Snow fell in Sydney.
Just a trifle cool...

1837 - A public meeting, with David McLaren in the chair, was held to discuss the formation of a Mechanics Institute aka SA Institute.

1842 - Charles Ellis was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for "shooting with intent to maim or disable" ("The Plenty Trio").

1842 - Martin Fogarty – Bushranger, was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for "shooting with intent to maim or disable" ("The Plenty Trio").

1842 - Daniel "Yankee Jack" Jepps – Bushranger, was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for "shooting with intent to maim or disable" ("The Plenty Trio").

1845 - Explorer John Roper was wounded and lost an eye when the Ludwig Leichhardt-led Port Essington exploration tea-and-scones party was attacked by Aboriginals.

1845 - Near the Gulf of Carpentaria, explorer John Gilbert was killed by a flying spear when natives made a night attack on the Ludwig Leichhardt-led Port Essington expedition's camp, because some of their women had been molested by the two Aboriginals with the party. He was buried on the spot, a tree near by was marked, and a fire was lit over the disturbed earth in order to screen the grave; this, although much searched for, has not since been found.

1849 - The town of Wangaratta, Vic, was eyeballed and surveyed.

1855 -  Ballarat Times owner Henry Seekamp, sentenced for "publishing seditious libel",  was released from gaol, the only man to serve a prison term as a result of the Eureka Stockade.

1858 - Anglican Bishop Matthew Hale opened a boys' college, Bishop's School, founded on the model of the Collegiate School of St Peter, Adelaide.

1861 - Robert O'Hara Burke, who for some unfathomable reason thought that after a career as a soldier, then as a policeman, then as a police superintendent he would be perfect as an explorer, was proved wrong when he starved to death on his famous road trip.

1870 - John Regan (46) was hanged at Launceston Gaol for the murder of his sixteen-year-old wife Emma on the Westbury Road.

1876 - Michael Connelly was hanged at Tamworth Gaol for the murder of his wife Mary Connelly at Carrol Gap.

1880 - Ned's bushranging days were at an end when he was captured by the fuzz at Glenrowan.

1880 - The railway through the Pichi Richi Pass, SA, the first stage of the northern Trans-Australia railway, was completed as far as Hawker.

1880 - The first telephone exchange in Australia opened in Melbourne.

1882 - The Aussies made a grand stand at a little game called cricket and had the audacity to beat the United South of England on their home ground.
With no paper covered in sand in sight.

1885 - The Seventh-Day Adventist sect established a church in Melbourne, its first in Australia.

1894 – A Colonial Conference held in Ottawa, Canada, resolved to lay a telegraph cable between Canada and Australia.

1904 - Ah Check was hanged at Dubbo for the murder of William Tregaskis at Peak Hill, NSW. He was the last person executed at Old Dubbo Gaol.

1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot, in Sarajevo, by the shot that was heard all around the world as it began the disgustingly enormous loss of life that is known as WW1.

1914 - The far-too-early death of fabulous cricket batsman Victor Trumper happened on this day due to Bright's Disease.
He is memorialised by the Trumper Park Oval.

1916 - The government established a Commonwealth Shipping Line with the purchase of fifteen seagoing steamers from Britain.

1919 – Prime minister Billy Hughes signed the Treaty of Versailles on Australia's behalf. Australia gained mandate over German New Guinea.

1938 - Bradman scored 102 in a drawn match at Lord's Cricket Ground, England.

1948 - The Ashburton to Alamein Railway Line (Vic) was re-opened.

1954 - The last ever never to be repeated train trundled down the tracks of the Redesdale Railway Line (Vic).

1964 - The East Malvern to Glen Waverley Railway Line (Vic) track duplication was completed.

1974 - Lawrence Street was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW, and in so doing became the third family member to fulfill the role.

1974 - The NSW Country Party supported homosexual law reform.

1978 - Following the arrests of the first Mardi Gras the Gay Solidarity Group (GSG) representatives met with Premier Neville Wran , they wanted the Police Commissioner to ‘resign’.
They tabled 57 questions, including: who authorized the police and who was in charge of the police operation? Why did the police lie when they told the press that they used loudspeakers to disperse the crowd in College Street? Why did the police refuse to read the Summary Offences Act at the El Alamein Fountain? Why did the police refuse to let the organizers use a microphone when they wanted to disperse the crowd at the Fountain?
Hearing this, Wran told them ‘they had a bloody good case’. However, he recanted soon after, saying, ’the statement they made is just not true and I will not be seeing them again’

1980 - 1,500 people and floats for the first time took part in the third Mardi Gras parade, themed Outrageous. From Town Hall Square it headed up George, Liverpool and Oxford Streets to Paddington Town Hall.

1985 - Berrimah Police Centre, Darwin, was opened by the Hon Ian Tuxworth.

1993 - Kurdish protesters, posing as tourists, made their way into the Legislative Assembly chamber of the Victoria Parliament House (and another group occupied the United Nations office in Sydney) to focus attention on the Kurds' independence struggles against Turkey and the abuse of human rights by the Turkish Government.

1994 - Charlotte Pass in the NSW snowfields was noted as being slightly chillier than usual when the mercury dropped to -23 degrees C.

1999 - Co-President of the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service, Tim Young and his partner, Matthew McCrory, were the first to use the new legislation, to transfer the title deed of their house into joint names.

2001 - Native title exists in parts of the determination area: various lots within the Herberton and Mareeba Shire Councils on the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland.

2006 - Keith Miller's Baggy Green cricket cap was sold at auction for $35,000 more than half a century after he wore it.

2006 - PM Howard hailed his country's record liquid natural gas export contract with China as a symbol of blossoming trade between the countries during an inaugural ceremony with Premier Wen Jiabao at the Chinese gas terminal in Shenzen.

2007 - Dramatic flooding replaced relentless drought in parts of eastern Australia, as PM John Howard expressed hopes that the country's worst drought in a century may be coming to an end.

2009 - The Australian navy intercepted a refugee boat with 194 people aboard off the country's northwest coast. It was the 15th suspected people-smuggling craft to have been stopped in Australian waters or to have made landfall since January.

2012 - Following the sinking of several boats en route to Australia and the resulting deaths of dozens of asylum seekers, Prime Minister Julia Gillard appointed an Expert Panel to “provide a report on the best way forward for Australia to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives on dangerous boat journeys to Australia”. The Panel was led by Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, the former chief of Australia’s defence force, and included Paris Aristotle, Director of Foundation House, and Professor Michael L’Estrange, the Director of the National Security College at the Australian National University.

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