Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1769  - Lieutenant James Cook eyeballed the transit of Venus across the sun, on the trip during which he would chart Australia's eastern coast.

1790 - Hats were thrown into the air in jubilation when the Lady Juliana parked it's prow in Port Jackson with her cargo of 221 female convicts and 11 kiddies.

1796 - : The ‘Scottish martyr’, Reverend Thomas Fyshe Palmer, made a strong statement about the constant hostilities:
‘The Natives of the Hawkesbury … lived on the wild yams on the banks. Cultivation has rooted out these, and poverty compelled them to steal Indian corn… They [soldiers and settlers] came upon them [natives] unarmed, and unexpected, killed and wounded many more. The dead they hang on gibbets, in terrorem. The war may be universal on the part of the blacks, whose improvement and civilisation
will be a long time deferred. The people killed were unfortunately the most friendly of the blacks, and one of them more than once saved the life of a white man.’

1804 - Aboriginal people at Portland Head, near Sackville Reach, speared settler Matthew Everingham, his wife, servant and neighbour John Howe.

1821 - Lachlan Macquarie was a busy little bee throwing titles and monikers hither and yon at lumps of dirt all over The Apple Isle; Oatlands and Gordon Valley were minding their own business, not realising they were nameless to Europeans until the Guv swanned past.

1821 - William Hyder was hanged at George Town.

1821 - James Norris was hanged at George Town.

1821 - Edward McCracken was hanged at George Town.

1821 - Thomas Gutteridge was hanged at George Town for stealing.

1837 Busby's Bore -no, no, not the one you sat next to at the MacArthur's dinner party last week,Liz, that was Malcolm Turnbull - was finally finished and Sydney began receiving a regular supply of water.
I can wash my socks!

1837  -  The Adelaide street names were gazetted.

1837 - Busselton, in Westralia, was declared a pretty good looking town site and they started flogging off the bush blocks. Some hats may have been air-borne.

1848 -  Bishop Tyrell visited Moreton Bay.
Moreton Bay may or may not have been receiving visitors...

1862  - John McKinlay, during his relief expedition to locate the missing Burke and Wills, lost a horse to snake bite.

1872 - QLD's National Bank opened it's doors, and customers pockets, for business. Only the manager's head-wear was sighted amongst the clouds.

1915 - Royal Commission on the Victorian training ship 'John Murray' presented its final report to Parliament.

1916 - Round 6 in this seasons ping pong contest served up these results -
Carlton 10.15 (75)             Collingwood 11.10 (76)                 Princes Park
Richmond 19.13 (127)     Fitzroy          9.14 (68)                 Punt Road Oval

1917 - The first planting of the Ballarat Avenue of Honour took place by the  ‘Lucas Girls’ from the local textile company E. Lucas & Co along the Ballarat-Burrumbeet Road.

1920 - The Arch of Victory at Ballarat was officially opened by the Prince of Wales.

1926 -  23-year-old bank guard John Roger Greville was escorting cash when he was shot in the heart by Melbournian Royston Rennie during a robbery on a Guildford to Perth train. Greville's  junior assistant, Douglas Favas,  was battered to insensibility, the murderer getting, away with a bag containing, £174 in cash, the property of the National Bank.

1929 - Fremantle was finally upgraded from town to city status. Not many could even afford a hat to fling heavenwards.

1963 - Royal Commission into the failure at Kings Bridge presented its final report to Parliament.

1966 - The Electricity Supply was turned on at Nebo, QLD.

1968 - The first TV brekkie program in the Fair Land of Oz was launched on GTV-9 in Melbourne. The show was called Today (how original!), was hosted by a radio DJ named Mike Walsh and his co-host was Bobo Faulkner.
(In 1972 Bobo Faulkner infamously announced Germaine Greer "always looked as if she'd been dragged through a current affair backwards". How apt!)

1969 – The aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne collided with the destroyer USS Frank E. Evans in the South China Sea, killing 74 US sailors.

1970 - Anti-apartheid demonstrators were involved in violent clashes with police during a rugby union match between Victoria and the South African Springbok team in Melbourne.

1972 - Pastor Doug Nicholls, the 65-year-old clergyman, activist and former champion footballer, became the first Aboriginal Australian to be knighted.

1972 - Author Martin Boyd dropped off the perch in Rome, aged 78.

1973 - A Zap was held at the Domain, with a leaflet handed out by Gay Liberationists to the people listening to the Sunday speakers.

1978 - The final ever passenger train service choofed off on the Bendigo to Robinvale rail line.
Only to be replaced by *hmph* buses.
That lack character and dignity and flair and are just so totally not in the same league as a train.

1984 - You think the locals were excited?! You should have seen the railway when the Sydney to Newcastle iron road when it was finally electrified! Yo, dude, we aint chuckin' our back-to-front baseball caps at no train that got wired up....we is too busy tryin' to hold up our huge baggy but fashionable pants that keep fallin' down and exposin' our stunning selection of jocks to all and sundry.

1991 – Paul Keating made his first leadership challenge for the Australian Labor Party. Bob Hawke won 66–44 and Keating resigned as Treasurer the same day.

1992 – Mabo v Queensland was decided upon by the High Court of Australia, making irrelevant the doctrine of terra nullius.

1994 - An earthquake near Java did the nasty to the coastline of WA with the effects of a tsunami; fish, rocks and coral were carried two to three hundred metres inland along parts of the coastline near the Northwest Cape.

1998 - The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby’s draft copy of the Relationships Bill was presented to MLC Elizabeth Kirkby.

2007 - PM John Howard ditched his opposition to a greenhouse gas reduction target for Australia with a pledge to set a national pollution limit next year.

2013 - The Community Proposal Pilot commenced. The pilot allows approved community organisations in Australia to propose humanitarian entrants for resettlement in Australia and help them to settle once they arrive. Organisations are expected to pay a substantial visa fee and meet a range of costs related to the person’s resettlement in Australia (such as airfares, medical checks and on-arrival support).


  1. Love the quote about Germaine. Truth I believe.
    The Community Proposal Pilot is new to me. I wonder what the take-up has been.