Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - All the bovine meals-on-the-hoof strayed from the settlement, leaving the colony without fresh milk, cheese, chops, the Sunday roast and manure for the Moo Poo Tea.
So...they packed up their bags and went back to Mother England, leaving Oz to be populated by aliens.
Who craved bovine-flavoured snacks.

1791 - Mary Bryant's nicking-off-from-the-colony convict party reached Timor where they posed as survivors of a shipwreck...but without Gilligan.

1811 - George Johnston, who led the Rum Rebellion against poor old Billy Bligh, was found guilty of mutiny, cashiered from the army but allowed to return his sad and sorry self to NSW. Macarthur, the other major trouble-maker of the plot, was ordered to park his sad and sorry self in England for awhile.

1819 - Macquarie chaired a public meeting where it was decided to open a savings bank rather than a cake stall, as was first suggested by the colony cooks.

1823 – A path through the Liverpool Range, now known as Pandora’s Pass, was found by Allan Cunningham.

1828 - Scone settler Francis Little wrote a letter to the Governor’s Colonial Secretary, Alexander Macleay, which provides the earliest local records of the Aboriginal population:
“There are two Tribes or Families who inhabit this district – the Tullong and Murrain. The former chiefly resides in the neighbourhood of Dart Brook – the latter on Pages River. The Tullong Tribe consists of 19 men, 11 women, 9 children” Total 39. The Murrawin Tribe consists of 16 men, 8 women, 5 children: Total 29.There is besides these two Tribes or Families a very strong Tribe which we sometimes see belonging to Liverpool Plains. Upon one occasion I saw about 50 men with a number of women and children.I should think about 30 or 40 blankets would be enough to issue. And a few Tomahawks would be of great value to them.”

1831 -  Tasmanian Aboriginal leader and warrior Tarenorerer, known as Walyer by the sealers of Bass Strait, who had fought savagely and bravely for her people, passed to the stars at Gun Carriage (Vansittart) Island.

1854 - The commanding officer of the Western Australian native police, John Nicol Drummond, with a large group of station hands from nearby properties conducted a massacre of the resisting Aboriginals from the Greenough area, with Drummond and his force attacking their refuge at Bootenal swamp. Follow up raids occurred on the Aboriginals living on the Irwin, Bowes and Chapman Rivers around Geraldton.

1866 – John McDouall Stuart, the most accomplished and most famous of all Australia's inland explorers, popped his clogs.

1869 - The first reported rugby match in Country New South Wales, in Newcastle between the Volunteer Artillery Team and the United Cricket Club.

1870 - Jeannie Taylor, who became better known as Mrs. Aeneas Gunn, was found in the Bunyip patch. She authored the well-known books We of The Never Never and The Little Black Princess but perhaps her last work that was also her greatest labour of love should be better known to all, My Boys - A Book of Remembrance; which details "her boys" (servicemen of WW1 from Monbulk) whom she tirelessly worked for, and the Monbulk RSL, before, during and for long after the war. The book was finally published in 2000.

1870 - Bushranger Harry Power was sprung by Superintendents Nicolson and Hare, Sergeant Montford and a black tracker, in his hide-out  known as Power's Lookout on the King River. Harry was sentenced at Beechworth to fifteenyears hard labour on three counts of bushranging and was again held at Pentridge.

1884 -  The first New Zealand rugby team to visit Australia played the Northern Districts team in Newcastle.

1885 - Inaugural meeting of the  Imperial Federation League at the Melbourne Town Hall.

1888 - Wyong Public School opened in the Watts Concert Hall barely a month after local Schools Inspector William McIntyre wrote his favourable report to establish a school on this day.
Ahhh, if only things could move that quickly now!

1889 - The first half , the west wing, of South Oz Parliament House was opened.
Note I said "the first half!"
There'll be a test on this later*

1891 - The Forrest Railway Branch Line (Vic) opened from Birregurra to Forrest.

1891 - Samuel Emanuel Cox (born Jervis), known as 'Sammy Cox', wild white man who lived with Tasmanian Aboriginals for 23 years, claimed to have been born on 15 November 1773 (which was later confirmed by a relative) died on this day in the Launceston Benevolent Asylum, aged 117 years.

1895 - The North Coast Fresh Food & Cold Storage Co-operative Company Ltd (NORCO) began operations at Byron Bay (NSW).

1902 - The Heidelberg to Eltham section of the Hurstbridge Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1909 - Steam trams began plying their trade in Brisvegas. Toot Toot!

1909 – Archibald Peake, South Australian leader of the Commonwealth Liberal Party, became Premier of South Australia.

1824 - The Kulwin Railway Line (Vic) was extended from Annuello to Robinvale.

1936 - Royal Commission on the alleged shooting at and wounding of John O'Connell Brophy, a superintendent of police established.

1938 - Greens were prepped and seeded, a watering system was installed and nine holes were opened for the first day of play at St Michael's Golf Club, NSW.

1939 - The second half, the east wing, of South Oz Parliament House was flung open.
You don't want to rush these things...

1981 – Rupert Hamer threw in the towel as Premier of Victoria after losing the support of his party.

1988 – Kay Cottee completed the first single-handed, non-stop circumnavigation of the world by a woman.

1996 - The Transgender (Anti-Discrimination and Other Acts) Bill passed the upper house of the NSW Parliament.

2002 - PM John Howard used World Environment Day to reject calls for his government to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.
As you do.

2002 - Wonderfully talented, and seriously over-looked and under-rated Aussie female performer, Gwen Plumb exited stage left.

2002 - His Excellency Constantinos Stephanopoulos, President of Greece visited the Victorian Parliament.

2007 - Truck collided with up Swan Hill passenger train near Kerang resulting in 11 passenger deaths.

2007 - Tony Mokbel (42), a top Australian fugitive, was arrested in Greece. The next day he accused Australia's authorities of saddling him with a bogus murder charge to secure his extradition. Mokbel had fled overseas in 2006 while on bail for importing cocaine.

2011 - Thousands of Australians across the country rallied to support a tax on the carbon emissions blamed for global warming, as a new report outlined the risks of rising sea levels from climate change.

2014 - Kenyan gunmen shot and killed an Australian media executive Carey Eaton, a co-founder of the online marketplace One Africa Media. This was the second such attack on an Australian citizen in the past year in the crime-ridden capital Nairobi.

2015 - Alan Bond died in Perth.

2016 - Torrential rain and high winds battered the east coast, leaving up to 26,000 homes without power while flooding forced hundreds of people into evacuation centers.

*May or may not be a test, see me after class.


  1. That first one:

    "...So...they packed up their bags and went back to Mother England, leaving Oz to be populated by aliens.
    Who craved bovine-flavoured snacks."

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  2. World Environment Day? What a day for little Johnnie to cock his snoot at the environment.