Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 9 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1803 – HMS Investigator arrived in Port Jackson after circumnavigating Australia. On the voyage Matthew Flinders charted the coast and Robert Brown made an extensive collection of the flora of Australia.

1824 - Matthew Brady did a bunk from Macquarie Harbour and a bushranging he did go. My crystal ball tells me it will all end in tears!

1837 - John Cooper was hanged at Sydney for attempted murder on Dominic Gannon at Port Macquarie.

1837 - William Taylor was hanged at Sydney for aggravated highway robbery of Mr Thomas Hyacinth Macquoid on the road between Berrima and Mittagong.

1838 - The horrendous Myall Creek Massacre took place which resulted in the murders of 28 unarmed Aboriginal men, women and children.

1845 - A young shepherd named William Streair walked into a solicitor's office in Adelaide where Henry Ayers, who was also Secretary of the South Australian Mining Association, worked, and showed them specimens of rich copper ore.
Thus, was the Burra Copper Mine born.

1858 - The `Welcome Nugget' was found in a trench on Bakery Hill, Ballarat, by Richard Jeffrey and party of the Red Hill Co. It was the second largest gold nugget ever found and weighed 2217 oz (62.85 kg).

1866 - The Brisbane FC conducted its first “scratch match”.

1879 - Thomas Hogan was hanged at Beechworth for fratricide at Bundalong, near Yarrawonga.

1883 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Dubbo to Nyngan.

1884 - The section of the Gwabegar Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Kandos to Rylstone.

1890 - Melbourne Town Hall was the scene of a meeting of protest against the 'sweating' of labour in the work shops.
The more things change, the more they stay the same...

1891 - The Tarrawingee Railway Line (NSW) was  opened from Sulphide Street - Tarrawingee and from Broken Hill Racecourse Junction - Broken Hill Racecourse.

1902 - The Federation Drought had the populace on its knees literally praying for rain and, so it came to pass that their calls were finally answered on this day.

1908 - It was reported good old Tommy Bent (Bent by name, etc) was up in Parliament getting money together to cover the cost of the proposed tramway from Gembrook to Beenak (Vic).

1915 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Galong Temporary Junction - Rocky Ponds Temporary Junction.

1919 - The Ballarat Avenue of Honour, the first avenue of its kind in Australia, was completed with the final planting of trees.
Local farmers helped by delivering wagon loads of tree guards to the site, while fathers and uncles were enlisted to help dig holes for the new trees.
Most of the cost for the plantings was met by the Lucas Girls, from local textile company E. Lucas & Co, through the sale of dolls made from scraps they had salvaged at the Lucas Clothing Factory.

1923 - Loan Council
The government agreed to form a Loan Council to coordinate States’ borrowing. The Council’s first meeting was on 1 February 1924.

1925 – Ten people were killed in a train derailment at Traveston, Queensland.

1928 -  Charles Kingsford-Smith & Charles Ulm were the 1st to fly across the Pacific when they ended their flight from California to Brisbane, Australia

1975 - The bling flinging began with The Order of Australia being flung for the first time.
No need to duck, there's nought coming your way....unless you're male, over the age of 60, have a shed load of money that you give away to a charity and you live in NSW.
Just in case you do fit the criteria, did I mention I'm a charity...?

1976 - A large number of people were mightily displeased with Sir John Kerr and so they let him know of their irritation by pelting his Rolls with rocks, eggs and ink bombs.
Ink there's a lost art, you never hear of ink bombs these days!

1979 – Seven people died in a fire on the ghost train at Luna Park Sydney.

1995 - Ozbears wound up, five years after it was founded.

2009 -  In Australia a protest involving hundreds of Indian students turned into a "vigilante" attack in Sydney overnight, in the latest flare-up in racial tensions in recent weeks. Police said a group wielding sticks and baseball bats attacked men of "Middle Eastern appearance" in apparent retaliation for an earlier assault on an Indian man.


  1. It obviously wasn't brotherly love Hogan had on his mind when he committed his crime. Sounds like something an angry Irishman might get up to. Wonder whether it was his brother or sister he did away with? Might see if I can find it online.

  2. Fratricide has tempted me more than once.
    How I would love it if the Order of Australia went to quiet achievers rather than those who are usually very well paid for what they do...