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January 1 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1785 John Oxley , who was an early Australian explorer, was hatched in Yorkshire, England. In 1824 Oxley tripped over the Brisbane River and Bremer River on Moreton Bay, an area now known as Brisvegas...err...Brisbane.

1793 The Flogging Parson aka Samuel Marsden was appointed assistant to the chaplain of New South Wales.

1809 Lieut William Paterson frocked up & rocked up at Port Jackson where he assumed the ballgown and role of Governor.

1810 Because he had nothing better to do that day (apart from recover from a hangover), Major General Lachlan Macquarie took up office as the fifth Governor of New South Wales.

1811 Governor Lachlan Macquarie's police regulations for Sydney came into effect, and the Sydney Police Court was established.

1812 John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley (in England) is appointed Surveyor-General of NSW.
Oh, and happy 27th birthday, Johnny-boy!

1814 The Fair Isle of Oz got its first form of currency when The 'holey dollar' and 'dump' trotted out into circulation.

1822 The Van Diemen's Land Agricultural Society was formed in Hobart.

1823 YES! We should have this day off as an extra public holiday just to give thanks for the fact that distillation of spirits was officially allowed in the colony of NSW.
It's already a public holiday.

1825 Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, was opened to traffic; it is still in use today. When completed the Bridge had the record of having the longest span of Australia’s bridges, a record not surpassed until 1836.

1827 The Sydney Gazette began daily publication. On 10th February this was reduced to three times a week.

1829 Explorer Charles Sturt's party reached the Bogan River. He tickled about the edges of the Darling River while having a good stickybeak near present day Bourke, and then fox-trotted his way as he traced the Castlereagh River.

1830 I like their timing...4 hotels in Fremantle became Western Australia's first licensed premises.

1837 For a pittance of £10 licence fee generous Gov. Bourke told squatters to go forth and graze beyond the limits of location.

1838 First horse race meeting held in Adelaide.

1838 Another bloke with too much time over the festive season....Melbourne's first newspaper, a miniature sheet of four pages handwritten in manuscript, called the Port Phillip Advertiser, was founded and issued by John Pascoe Fawkner.

1839 Assignment of convicts for service in towns ended.

1841 WA Governor John Hutt laid the Foundation Stone of the first Church of St George, Perth, WA.

1844 The unwashed unemployed masses growled at Gov Gipps when he was jostled by a crowd of unemployed men in Hyde Park, Sydney.

1850 Standard postage introduced throughout NSW. For 3d., a letter could be posted overseas; for 2d., to the next suburb or town.For 1d you post a letter locally where you could probably hand deliver it yourself. Because of their design, the stamps became known as 'Sydney Views'.

1850 Superintendent Charles La Trobe made William Thomas the 'Guardian' of Aboriginal people with instructions "to keep the blacks out of Melbourne".

1851 Sir Charles FitzRoy was appointed Governor-General of all the Australian colonies.

1855 How sweet it is...The Colonial Sugar Refinery was formed in Sydney. It changed its name to CSR Limited in 1973.

1856 The name Tasmania was officially adopted to replace Van Diemen's Land which was felt to have too many convict connotations and because "Island Of Decent Beer Brewers" was too long to fit on government letterheads...

1861 John McDouall Stuart popped out for a saunter from Chambers Creek, SA, to try to cross the continent from south to north.

1862 Having accepted a challenge by the Melbourne Cricket Club for an English cricket team to tour Australia, H.H. Stephenson's XI played a Melbourne and Districts XVIII before a crowd of more than 25,000 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1870 The abolition of school fees in Queensland was announced by Governor Charles Mitford Lilley.

1876 School became free and compulsory for all children in Queensland.

1883 Gold was discovered at Princhester, near Rockhampton, Queensland.

1884 Bushfires destroyed many properties at Yass, NSW.

1890 Hobart University was established, becoming the fourth university in Australia.

1900 Street lights were installed in Adelaide...the lights may be on but....

1901 Australia's first Governor -General, the Right Honourable John Adrian Louis Hope, proclaimed Australia a Commonwealth at a public meeting and ceremony at Centennial Park, Sydney. We was Federated...but the hangovers from colonial 1900 were still beating everyone's skulls!

1908 Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology flung open
its first office in Melbourne.

1911 The Australian Capital Territory was established...after the Fathers of Federation took their partying on the road searching for the right spot, including a spot of skinny dipping !

1911 The Federal Government took control of the Central Australia Railway.

1911 The land upon which Canberra will be built was transferred from the NSW Government to the Federal Government.

1912 The Northern Territory was ripped from the arms of South Australia and told to make its own way in the world as part of the Commonwealth of Oz.

1913 The streets of Hobart were lit by electricity for the first time...just so those Decent Beer Brewers could find their way home at night, of course.

1915 The Broken Hill Massacre - in which 6 people were killed and 7 injured when two Pakistan Muslim chaps fired onto a crowded picnic train; the attackers were not linked to any group or movement but acted on their own in retaliation to Australia and Turkey joining opposing sides in WW1.

1917 Daylight Savings reared its ugly head for the first time. Beating it back with a stick proved effective until The Knobs in Power brought it back from the dead during WW2.

1924 The beautiful Mt Stromlo Observatory made its debut to the public in Canberra.

1930 A Sydney to Brisvegas..err... Brisbane air service began, provided by Australian National Airlines, owned by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.

1941 Those kind ogres, hell-bent on squeezing blood from stones, generously allowed us mere mortals to pay income tax in installments.

1942 That damn Daylight Savings was trotting about like the living dead under the guise as a "wartime measure".

1943 Sergeant-Tracker Alexander Riley was the first Aborigine to receive the King's Police and Fire Service Medal for distinguished service. Because, of course, no other aborigines had worked for the police before then...?

1945 Two weeks paid annual leave was awarded to all persons in NSW not employed under Federal Wage awards.

1946 The Commonwealth government laid down plans to reconstruct Darwin and the surrounding areas.

1948 40-hour working week for all Australian workers was introduced.

1949 - The ships of the Australian Navy were re-designated HM Australian Fleet. rather than His Majesty's Australian Squadron.

1951 And you think you've got troubles with that credit card bill?! The price of tea increased by sixpence to 3s 10d a pound.

1956 Victoria legalised the use of mechanical hares in greyhound racing.

1961 Legislation directed that all future television commercials were to be Australian made.

1963 The Bogle - Chandler double murder mystery took place. A new possibility points the finger at dirty pollution practices of man with Mother Nature kicking back.

1963 Cyclone Annie killed two people north of Brisbane.

1966 Free trade between Australia and New Zealand commenced.

1971 Everyone had to get in, sit down and belt up; seat belts became compulsory fashion accessories in all Victorian motor vehicles.

1972 Saw the first Indigenous produced radio programs going to air on 5UV in Adelaide and at Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Media Association (TAIMA) at Mount Stuart, south of Townsville on 4KIG FM.

1974 Australia woke up in Oz to the Federal Govt taking over the financing of tertiary education and kicking uni fees to the kerb.

1975 The Uni of Woolongong was founded.

1975 About bloody time...The Office of Australian War Graves was established.

1978 The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) was established to provide radio and television programming for ethnic communities.

1979 Use-by dates began appearing on food in Oz...which put a stop to the old habit of keeping food for decades in pantries, forever hidden up the back but "just in case, you never know when we might fancy pickled goat fur-balls in strawberry vinegar".

1979 until January 1, 1984 Australia's first Aboriginal owned and controlled radio station, the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) 8KIN FM started broadcasting, producing videos and making video clips. Early radio programs were broadcast on Alice Springs stations 8CCC and 8HA.

1981 NSW's Wran Government abolished death duties two years after the Federal Government abolished them.

2001 The only bloke in the race really....John Landy, A.C., M.B.E. was sworn in as Governor of Victoria.

2006 The hottest New Years Day was sweltered through in Sydney when the mercury exploded at 44.2 degrees Celcius (111.6F).


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