Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 27 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1808 - Tedbury or Tjedboro, son of the famous Pemulwuy, arrived in Sydney, ‘armed with a bundle of spears’. He had been friendly with John Macarthur, who lives at Parramatta. Finding Macarthur safe at his town cottage, Tedbury exclaims, ‘Master they told me you were in gaol’.
‘Well Tjedboro, what has brought you here with your spears?’ asks Macarthur, who was gaoled for a few hours the previous day. He replies, with eyes flashing, ‘To spear the Governor.’

1830 - George Augustus Robinson set out from Hobart for Port Davey to conciliate the Aborigines.

1848 - The first marriage in South Australia between an Aborigine, Kudnarto, and a European, Tom Adams, was solemnised on this day.

1875 - Foundation stone was laid for Sydney's The Great Synagogue in Elizabeth Street.

1972 - Disgusted at the refusal by the McMahon government to acknowledge Aboriginal land rights, Aboriginal activists marched on Canberra where they established the Tent Embassy on the lawn opposite (Old) Parliament House.

2008 - In Australia an Aborigine elder, Mr. Ward (b.1961), died of heatstroke during a four-hour, non-stop trip to face a drink-driving charge in a prison van with broken air-conditioning. In 2010 state director of public prosecutions Joe McGrath told Ward's widow that charges would not be laid against the two guards employed by security firm GSL, now known as G4S, who were in charge of the van. In 2010 Ward’s family was awarded 3.2 million Australian dollars ($2.9 million) in compensation.


  1. Not far short of fifty years later the Tent Embassy remains.
    The compensation award to the Ward family is an expression of guilt. Which won't being him back. The lack of charges against the guards is yet another disgrace.

    1. Yes, it implies it is still ok to treat people like crap.

  2. I remember the tent going up on the lawn, a great fuss was made about it being there at the time.

    1. Ahh, Murdoch media, gotta love a desperate journo who is still trying to impress his dead father.