Monday, January 28, 2019

January 28 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1863 - Derrimut, partially blind, with weak lungs and a paralyzed arm, eloped from the Melbourne Hospital after being subjected to a rough bath. Derrimut at this time was bitterly complaining about the sale and subdivision of the Mordialloc Aboriginal Reserve and the ploughing up of Boonwurrung bones buried on the site.

1933 - The Cairns Post published an article by James Bennett formerly of the 15th Battalion,
"I have stood shoulder to shoulder with half castes in Hell’s pit, [Hell’s Spit] on Quinn’s Post, and seen them die like the grandest of white men and other little stunts I can mention. "

1940 - The Australian Aborigines League persuaded churches to declare the Sunday before Australia Day to be known as Aboriginal Sunday, the first of these falling on this day. The recognition of this continued until 1955 when it was moved to the first Sunday in July.

1948 - Australia's Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell, announced that all 'coloured' people who found refuge in Australia during the war must leave.

1970 The very first Oz gay rights group was born when the Australasian Lesbian Movement was launched on the opening of a branch of Daughters of Bilitis.

1972 - Sun newspaper reported on three Black Power Aboriginals setting up a Tent Embassy on the grounds of Parliament House.
*shock horror*
(That was sarcasm in case anyone missed it).

1972 - The second annual national conference of the National Council of Aboriginal and Island Women began today in Canberra.

1998 Dr Wendy Beck announced that large earth mounds, approx. 3,000 in number and found along valleys near the Murray River and tributaries, were cultivated gardens created by Aboriginal Peoples from as long ago as 1000 BC.

2006 - Warren Mundine, previously an advisor on Aboriginal issues to the conservative government of PM John Howard, took over the role of Australian Labor Party president. The first Aborigine to be elected president of an Australian political party, Mundine said that he wanted to enter parliament after his term finishes.

2007 - Harry Melbourne, whose name who should be engraved on the heart of all chocolate lovers everywhere, passed away to the confectioners shop in the sky.
He was responsible for birthing our beloved Freddo Frog in 1930.

2015 - The High Court of Australia ruled that the Sri Lankan asylum seekers were legally detained at sea.

2017 - The City of Fremantle presented the inaugural One Day in Fremantle, a free, family-friendly event and the city’s “culturally-inclusive” alternative to traditional Australia Day celebrations.

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  1. Warren Mundine is a swinging politician - out for the swimging voter. I wonder whether he or they will swing futher.
    And hooray for initiatives like One Day. We need more of them.