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February 13 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1790 - Less than three months after Bennelong's capture, on 13 February 1790, Phillip passed on the names and locations of eight coastal clans in a dispatch to Lord Sydney at the Home Office in London. Bennelong also told Phillip that ‘one-half of those who inhabit this part of the country’ had died from smallpox.[1]

1855 - A shortage of tenors on the Australian colonial operatic stage often meant that women had to perform male roles; Sara Flower, described by the Melbourne Press as 'the modern Sappho', 'the Queen of song' and 'the Australian Nightingale'  sang Edgardo on this day in the first Australian performance of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.[2]

1905 - Marjorie Jean Lyon, surgeon and prisoner of war, was born on this day; she was described by Lady Mountbatten as 'an outstanding woman doctor . . . whose work . . . will make history, and who succeeded in commanding and controlling the Japanese and seeing that they carried out her orders!' [3]

1930 - The first Protector of Aboriginals to be based in Mount Isa was appointed on this day. [4]

1965 - The Freedom Ride bus arrived in Wellington, NSW.
"Houses of tin, mud floors, very overcrowded, kids had eye diseases, had to cart water (very unhealthy) from river… Jim S and a few others came across some discrimination in a pub. An aboriginal was allowed in only because he was with us. The publican said he only prevented aborigines from coming in "if they were disorderly"… Left Wellington and arrived in Dubbo about 6.30 pm. Had tea, went for a swim, then to the Dubbo hotel. We noticed a sign above the doorway of the halfway hotel - "Aborigines not allowed in the Lounge without the Licensee's permission".”
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides. [5]

1971 - It was announced that Aboriginal people hoped to set up 13 settlements throughout Victoria in an effort to claim land, the first having been established in Sherbrooke Forest near Belgrave and the second to be at Framlingham Reserve, near Warranambool. [6]

1974 - It was announced that the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC) had backed down in its dispute with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and agreed that the body would stick to that of an advisory role. [7]
1981 - Cinderella Jane Simon , Aboriginal leader, evangelist and storyteller, passed to the stars. [8]

2003 - The Commonwealth Government implemented steps to combat the problem of some merchants using Indigenous Australians’ electronic bank cards as security for store credit. [9]

2008 - Today marks the 13th Anniversary since Australians watched a live broadcast of their government apologizing for policies that degraded its indigenous people. PM Rudd said Australians had reached a time in their history when they must face up to their past to be able to cope with the future. Aborigines numbered about 450,000 in Australia's population of 21 million. [10]

2008 - Sir William Deane and former Prime Ministers Paul Keating, Bob Hawke, Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser were all seated on the floor of the Parliament to hear Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver upon the recommendation of the “Bringing them Home” report, a formal apology on the part of the Australian nation for the suffering inflicted as a result of the stolen generations. Conspicuous by his absence was the former Prime Minister, John Howard. Western Australian polls show that western Australians the least to be in favor of an apology. [11]

2009 - The Australian government promised to establish the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation which would deal with the “trauma experienced by all Aboriginal people as the after-effect of colonisation” but with a particular focus on the Stolen Generations. The foundation won’t deliver healing services, instead it will fund healing work, educate communities and social workers and evaluate healing programs to find out what works. [12]

2010 The Indigenous All Stars team played the National Rugby League All Stars, two years after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations. [13]

2013 - The Australian Parliament passed with bi-partisan support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Bill 2012 which recognises the unique and special place of Aboriginal people and sets out a review process to progress the route to a referendum. [14]

2015 - Aboriginal activist Aunty Faith Bandler died, aged 96. She was a tireless social activist, best known for her 10-year campaign leading the landmark 1967 referendum that ensured Aboriginal Australians were counted as full citizens. [15]

2017 - A last minute attempt to save an historic tree, estimated to be approx. 700 years old, from being felled was announced today with the application to the Aboriginal Heritage Register as it was believed to possibly be a birthing tree. [16]


















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