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February 11 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1822 - Macquarie introduced Bungaree to Governor Brisbane at Georges Head.
‘I gave him an old Suit of General’s uniforms to dress him out as Chief’,writes Macquarie.
Governor Brisbane promised Bungaree and his people a new boat and fishing net. [1]

1900 - King Billy was a ketch that was named after William Lanne, the supposedly last "pure-blood" male Tasmanian aboriginal., left Port Arthur for Hobart on this day; whilst taking water the ship rolled on her beam ends and sank in fifty fathoms. Cap. Madden and his two crew escaped in the dinghy and landed near Cape Raoul, from where they walked to Nubeena. [2]

1939 - In late 1938 Jack Patten had led a delegation of Aborigines Progressive Association members to the German Consulate in Sydney, in protest against the persecution of Jews in NAZI Germany. This had been a coordinated effort between the APA in Sydney and the AAL in Melbourne, producing a protest in each city. These are the only two known protests against the acts of the Kristallnacht in the world.

The efforts of the APA delegates who had attended the German Consulate in Sydney were later distorted in the media, in an article produced by the Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate. The article published on February 11 in Ferguson’s home-town newspaper alleged that Patten had “led a drunken group of Aboriginal people to the Consulate in a disloyal act”, and that “the purpose of this evidently is for use as propaganda in Germany.” [3]

2015 - The Attorney General tabled the final report of Australian Human Rights Commission’s national inquiry into children in immigration detention. The report, The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014, was provided to the Attorney-General on 11 November 2014. The report made sixteen recommendations, including the release into the Australian community as soon as possible of all children and their families detained in onshore detention facilities and on Nauru; an amendment of the Migration Act to limit the detention of children and their parents to a strictly limited period of time necessary to conduct health, identity and security checks; the closure of all detention facilities on Christmas Island and the appointment of an independent guardian to all unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Australia. [4]

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