Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1795 - HMS Reliance and HMS Supply set sail from Portmouth for Sydney. On board were Capt John Hunter to take up his appointment as Governor of NSW, Master's Mate Matthew Flinders, Surgeon George Bass, with his boat, Tom Thumb, and Bennelong. [1]

1796 - John "Black" Caesar, the first bushranger and escaped convict, was shot by a settler at Liberty Plains (Strathfield). [2]

1802 - Twenty crew of the brig Lady Nelson, the first ship to enter Port Phillip Bay, met five Boon wurrung men on the beach near Arthurs Seat. They exchanged greetings and danced, but that afternoon violence erupted and contacts ceased. [3]

1822 - Elizabeth Henrietta Macquarie sailed forth into the sunset aboard the ship Surrey towards home in England. She managed to drag her little-known hubby, some bloke calling himself Gov Lachlan Macquarie, back home with her. [4]

1898 - Kathleen Margaret Maria Sherrard, geologist, was born today at North Carlton, Melbourne. After passing the senior public examination in December 1914, Kathleen entered the University of Melbourne (B.Sc., 1918; M.Sc., 1921), graduated with honours, and won Kernot and Caroline Kay research scholarships.
Her colleagues named Monograptus sherrardae in honour of her pioneering work in the study of graptolites. [5]

1930 - Dr Masako Izumin was born today at Sendai, Japan. Masako for some years was senior research fellow at the ANU in the Department of Mathematics, Research School of Physical Sciences. After due examination of her published work in the theory of Fourier Series and their summablility, she was admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Science in April 1976. [6]

1933 - A Torres Strait Islander was lucky to reach hospital after 2 days of travel after having been attacked by a shark whilst diving for Trochus at Barrow Point, 161 kms north of Cooktown. [7]

1934 Gra Gra aka Graham Kennedy was dropped off, not according to rumour by the White Crow but the stork.  [8]

1965 - The Freedom Riders protested outside the Walgett RSL Club because they had been told the club was not permitting entry for Indigenous ex-servicemen. They held signs that read: "Good enough for Tobruk - why not Walgett RSL?" and protested a womenswear store forbidding Indigenous women from trying on dresses.
Their presence was felt by the community and attempts were made to run the bus off the road as they left Walgett. [9]

1974 - The National Aboriginal Consultative Committee called for the Minster for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, to be replaced. The dispute began when the NACC changed its name and requested more powers only to be met with threats of having their allowances stopped. [10]

1999 - Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Chairperson Evelyn Scott was disappointed that a meeting between Mr Ruddock and representatives of the Tent Embassy did not occur. [11]

2003 - Tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Sydney and around Australia to protest possible war with Iraq and their country's involvement. [12]

2008 - Representatives for Australian Aborigines confirmed plans to launch the first compensation lawsuits since a landmark government apology earlier this week for past abuses. [13]















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  1. For what it was worth, I was one of the thousand protesting against the Iraq War.