Monday, February 18, 2019

February 18 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1883 - Jessie Litchfield, a fantastically inspirational woman, was found in the tulip patch. She was an author, poet, Aussie and international journalist and editor of a NT newspaper, who helped push tourism in the Top End.

1965 - The Freedom Ride reached Tenterfield home of the Marbal people;

“There we heard from Bob Brown that they day after we left Moree (yesterday) about 60 aboriginal children tried to get in the pool after school. Up to 5.30 about 30 were allowed in, some with Bob Brown, others not. At 5.30 pm the manager refused to allow any more aborigines in and at 6pm the baths were closed (usually they stay open till 8pm). The baths opened again at 7pm and soon after this the mayor stated that the segregationalist statute of June 6th 1955 would be enforced.” - Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides.

“We decided, after much heated discussion, to go straight to Inverell, thus leaving out Tabulam... From there we would go straight to Moree and take strong action of some kind, such as a 24hr picket or something. The decision was unanimous.” - Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides.

1966 - The Canberra Times reported that Charles Perkins, in his role as Manager of the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, had stated that unless funds were donated the foundation would be forced to close within three months.

1989 - The Oh So Fabulously Wonderfully Out There Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras was celebrated with an estimated 200,000 peeps whilst the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence carried forth a platter on which the head of raging right-wing fundamentalist bible thumping God botherer Fred Nile lounged.

1992 - The Aboriginal Children’s Kindergarten opened in Hobart.

1999 -  A native title agreement was signed by members of the Analway, Dthungutti and Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Nations, and Hillgrove Mining.

1999 - Three young Indigenous Queenslanders were awarded $5,000 scholarships from the Queensland Department of Main Roads.

 2003 - Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Judy Spence approved $10,000 funding to support an exhibition of the Indigenous art of Cape York.

2006 - The Pride History Group launched its new comprehensive history web site.


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