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February 19 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1810 - Edward Luttrell Jnr, a ship’s officer and son of Surgeon Edward Luttrell, shot Pemulwuy’s son ‘Tidbury’ (Tedbury or Tjedboro) in the face during an argument at Parramatta. [1]

1836 - British Parliament officially proclaimed the colony of South Australia and formally defined its boundaries.
King William IV recognised the continued rights to land for Aboriginal people in South Australia's founding document, the Letters Patent. It was the first ever recognition of Aboriginal rights granted in Australia's colonial history. But the promise of legal entitlement to the land was never kept. [2]

1856 - Exotic dancer Lola Montez - who was neither Spanish nor a trained dancer -was greatly displeased with a bad review written by the editor of the Ballarat Times, [3] Henry Seekamp (who was the only man to serve a prison term as a result of the Eureka Stockade for printing seditious libel [4]), about her.
So she took to him with a horse whip.
Totally justified, Your Honour...!

1892 - Eileen O'Connor, the next possible Aussie saint, was delivered by the stork [5] in Richmond (colloquially known as Struggletown, but originally known as Quo-yung [6]), Melbourne.
She was yet another ballsy gal who took on Rome to establish Our Lady's Nurses For The Poor.

1894 - The Sydney Anarchy Trial found several well-known chappies were a bit naughty for flogging editions of the anarchist newspaper Hard Cash that cast aspersions upon trustees of the Savings Bank of NSW. 
Tsk tsk tsk. 
Because banks are always so trust-worthy during a depression... aren't they?
Of course two chappies in particular were let off the hook...future NSW Premier Jack Lang and future Prime Minister Billy Hughes. [7]

1913 - Today Henry Leo Crawford aka Eugenia Falleni went through a marriage ceremony with Annie Birkett (Henry's future murder victim) at the Methodist Parsonage, Balmain South. [8]
1942 - Darwin was bombed twice  on this day with deaths far exceeding the originally quoted 15 and the later revised 243. [9]

1942 - A Japanese Zero crash-landed on Melville Island to Darwin’s north, and its pilot was captured by a local  Tiwi Islander man named Matthias Ulungura snuck up behind the Japanese pilot with a tomahawk and said,
 'Stick 'em up!'— the first prisoner of war taken on Australian soil. [10]

1942 - During the Bombing of Darwin the first wave of 188 Japanese planes was spotted by Father John McGrath, a Catholic priest at the mission station on Bathurst Island. Father McGrath sent a message on the radio saying,
 "An unusually large air formation bearing down on us from the northwest". Nearly everyone ignored this, though it was on the most popular radio station. About an hour later there were roughly 100 people dead, but the people who followed his instruction all survived. [11]

1942 - Following the Bombing of Darwin many Aboriginal people were relocated to 'control camps' and restrictions were placed on Aboriginal movement, especially women. 
In Arnhem Land Aboriginal people made up special reconnaissance units in defence against the Japanese.
The United Church in North Australia set up an Aboriginal mission on Elcho Island, Northern Territory. [12]

1951 -Jean Lee was Hanged at Pentridge for the murder of 'Pop' Kent in Dorrit Street Carlton. Jean Lee was the last woman executed in Australia. [13]

1965 - The Freedom Rides Moree, home of the Gamilaraay people, Friday 19 & Saturday 20 February

“On the radio we heard that aboriginal children had been demonstrating outside the Moree baths for the last two afternoons, which was terrific news. All of us are very determined that we are doing the right thing despite the mayor's warning over the radio that our return would cause harm.” 
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides
“We went down to the mission with a few of the students in the bus and we explained to some older Aborigines. Then we went to one particular road in town where a lot of Aborigines live. They were the ‘upper-class adult Aborigines and they did not want anything to do with us at all…So we went back to speak to the young Aboriginal people on the mission: ‘Yeah we’ll support ya!’”
 Quote from Charles Perkins, A Bastard Like Me.
“Charlie started talking to the crowd, but there was a lot of hissing and booing. Then he went to the front of the line and when he refused to move was grabbed and taken away from the line.” 
Ann Curthoy’s diary from the Freedom Rides [14]

1966 - Aussie gal Heather McKay won her fifth successive British squash title. [15]

1993 - The people of Bourke paid homage to renowned eye specialist Professor Fred Hollows. His coffin was draped with the Nepalese and Eritrean flags as well as an Aboriginal Commemorative Blanket. [16]

1997 - Greens Senator Dee Margetts moved an amendment designed to make the government’s Native Title Amendment Bill wholly subject to the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA). [17]

1998 - Zali Steggall broke the drought and took home the first individual Winter Olympic medal for the Aussies when she won Bronze for the downhill slalom. [18]

1998 -  Queensland’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economic Development Strategy was released by Economic Development and Trade Minister. [19]

1999 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Minister, John Herron, unveiled proposed areas for which eligible organisations would be invited to apply for recognition as Representative Bodies under the amended Native Title Act 1993. [20]

2002 - Central Queensland University (CQU) and ATSIC’s Central Queensland Regional Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the first of its kind between an Indigenous peak body and a Queensland university. [21]

 2003 - The Australian Film Commission (AFC) launched Skin, Kin and Country: Stories from Black Australia, five new documentaries directed by Indigenous filmmakers. [22]


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