Saturday, February 2, 2019

February 2 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1800 - Yellowgowey [Yaragowhy], a Hawkesbury Aboriginal leader, said that an Aboriginal man named Major White killed Hodgkinson and John Wimbow.

1811 - George Caley and Daniel Moowattin sorted specimens at Sir Joseph Banks’s house in Soho Square, London. Banks questioned Dan about the Cola [koala].

1850 - The Sydney Morning Herald announced;
At Botany, on Thursday, January 31st, the well-known Aboriginal "Boatswain,"
whose intelligence and superior manners, coupled with the fact of his being the last of the Botany Bay tribe, rendered him a favourite with all who knew him, and especially with his white countrymen.

1900 - Apart from local Protectors, the appointment of a Protector to oversee the lives of young Aboriginal women was also made. Frances Meston, wife of Archibald Meston the Southern Protector, was the matron of a home for Aboriginal girls in South Brisbane. Mrs. Meston was succeeded by Mary Easter Frew (later known as Mary McKeown) on this day.

1912 - 73 year old Emma Miller unseated the QLD Commissioner of Police from his gee-gee when she took on a mounted police charge and stuck her hatpin in Commissioner Cahill's horse. Thereafter hatpins were outlawed and wide berths given to innocent-looking little old ladies.

1972 - Women were roaring and the men were certainly hearing them when the Women's Electoral Lobby was founded.

1982 – Lindy Chamberlain was committed to trial for murdering her baby Azaria.

1986 – Sydney nurse Anita Cobby was brutally murdered leading to calls for the re-introduction of the death penalty.

1998 - Support for preamble recognition; The constitutional convention held at Old Parliament House from February 2-13 to debate proposals on whether Australia should become a republic supported Indigenous recognition in a new preamble.


  1. And more than twenty years later we still are debating the republic and the indigenous recognition. Sigh.