Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1867 - The South Australian Register published the report from Mr. Gething, the medical officer recently sent to Streaky Bay, on account of the smallpox amongst the Indigenous population.

1893 - The schooner, Foam, was wrecked on Myrmidon Reef as she was returning Kanakas to the Solomon Islands. The ninety-eight persons on board just had time to make a raft by lowering the top-masts and spars over the side and cutting away all the bulwarks and deckhouses.

1896 - Henry Lawson's mother-dearest, Louisa, received the patent for a mail bag fastener today that, although freely used by the Post Office, was never acknowledged as hers nor was she showered in the dosh she was owed.

1946 - In London's The Daily Mail newspaper they advocated atomic testing in Australia. Yeah, thanks guys...you wanna come clean up your mess now?

1953 - The Sydney Morning Herald announced that,
 "15-YEAR-OLD aboriginal girl, Miss Evelyn Robinson, of Grafton, has made history for her race by becoming the first fully-certified aboriginal schoolteacher."

1972 - Members of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy drew up a petition to present to the government. In it they asked for full control of the Northern Territory including all titles to minerals, ownership of all other reserves and settlements in Australia including mineral and mining rights, preservation of all sacred lands in Australia, legal title and mining rights to areas of 'certain cities', and compensation payments for all other land taken from them.

1999 - The great Neville Bonner, the first Australian Aboriginal in Federal Parliament, passed to the stars on this day.

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